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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures
  01 Income Support Program Principles
  02 Income Support Overview
    Income Support Overview: Policy Governing All Benefits
    Income Support Overview: Legislative Authorities
    Income Support Overview: General Eligibility Rules
    Income Support Overview: Eligibility Impacts
    Income Support Overview: Assessing Need and Client Type
    Income Support Overview: Just Cause for Leaving a Job
    Income Support Overview: Denying or Terminating Benefits
    Income Support Overview: Department Responsibilities to Clients
    Income Support Overview: Client Responsibilities
    Income Support Overview: Access to Information and Protection of Privacy
    Income Support Overview: Indexing of Benefits (8630)
    Rounding Benefits
  03 Client Categories/Types
    Client Categories/Types: General Policy
    Client Categories/Types: One-Time Issues
    Expected to Work (ETW)
      Client Sub-Type 11-18 Overview
      Client Sub-Type 11 Self Employed
      Client Sub-Type 12 Employed Full-Time
      Client Sub-Type 13 Employed Part-Time
      Client Sub-Type 14 Available for Work/Training
      Client Sub-Type 15 Attending a Program
      Client Sub-Type 17 Temporarily Unavailable for Work/Train: Health Problems
      Client Sub-Type 18 Temporarily Unavailable for Work/Train: Family Responsibilities
    Barriers to Full Employment (BFE)
      Client Sub-Types 42-47 Overview
      Client Sub-Type 42 Medical or Multiple Barriers
      Client Sub-Type 43 Severe Handicap
      Client Sub-Type 44 Self-Employed
      Client Sub-Type 45 Employed Full-Time
      Client Sub-Type 46 Employed Part-Time
      Client Sub-Type 47 Attending a Program
    Client Categories/Types: AAHB Sub-Types
  04 Special Groups
    Special Groups: Community and Social Services Employees
    Special Groups: Deceased Clients
    Special Groups: Financial Administrators, Public Trustee or Third Party Payments
    Special Groups: Income Support Clients as Guardians
    Special Groups: Persons Involved with Education and Training
    Special Groups: One Adult Living in Community/Spouse/Partner Living in Facility
    Special Groups: Partners Other Than Spouses
    Special Groups: Persons with Immigration Status
      Special Groups: Persons with Immigration Status General Eligibility
      Special Groups: Persons with Immigration Status Assessing Eligibility and Verifying Immigration Status
      Special Groups: Immigration Status - Family Class (Sponsored)
      Special Groups: Immigration Status - Other Than Family Class
      Special Groups: IRCC Terminology and Rules (4833)
    Refugees and Refugee Claimants (9057)
    Special Groups: Variation to Core Benefit - HSI
    Special Groups: Victims of Human Trafficking
    Special Groups: 16 and 17 Year Olds Not on Parent’s File
    Special Groups: 18 and 19 Year Olds
  05 Limited/Ineligible Groups
    Limited/Ineligible Groups: CFS, FSCD and/or AADL
    Limited/Ineligible Groups: Fine Option Program
    Limited/Ineligible Groups: First Nations People and Off-Reserve Registered First Nations People
    Limited/Ineligible Groups: Hospitals
    Limited/Ineligible Groups: Persons Involved in Justice System
    Limited/Ineligible Groups: Persons Not in Alberta
    Limited/Ineligible Groups: Self-Employed Persons and Farmers
    Limited/Ineligible Groups: Shelters for Those Fleeing Abusive Relationships
    Limited/Ineligible Groups: Strikes
  06 Core Shelter
    Core Shelter: General Policy
    Core Shelter: Private Housing
    Core Shelter: Social Housing
    Core Shelter Rate Adjustment (8835)
  07 Core Essential
    Core Essential: Maximum Core Essential
    Core Essential: Core Essential Rate Adjustment
  08 Continuous Needs
    Continuous Needs: Additional Shelter
    Continuous Needs: Child Care
    Child Supplement Allowance
    Continuous Needs: Earnings Replacement Allowance
    Continuous Needs: Handicap Benefit
    Continuous Needs: Isolated Community Allowance
    Continuous Needs: Personal Needs Allowance
    Continuous Needs: Transportation to Day or Employment Programs
  09 Non-Continuous Needs
    Non-Continuous Needs: Children's School Expenses
    Non-Continuous Needs: Community Living Start-up
    Non-Continuous Needs: Damage Deposit
    Non-Continuous Needs: Child Care Deposit and Registration Fee
    Non-Continuous Needs: Emergency Allowance
    Non-Continuous Needs: Emergency Prescription(s)/Drugs
    Non-Continuous Needs: Employment Training and Transition Supports
    Non-Continuous Needs: Escaping Abuse Benefit (Household Start-Up)
    Non-Continuous Needs: Funeral Benefits
    Non-Continuous Needs: Natal and Adoptive Needs Payment
    Non-Continuous Needs: Personal Benefit - Telephone and Transportation - Leaving Abusive Situation
    Non-Continuous Needs: Relocation Allowance
    Non-Continuous Needs: Residential Addictions Treatment
    Non-Continuous Needs: Special Transportation and Travel Payment
    Non-Continuous Needs: Utility Connection, Deposit, Reconnection
  10 Supplementary Health Benefits
    Supplementary Health Benefits: CPAP
    Supplementary Health Benefits: Medical Extraordinary Transportation
    Supplementary Health Benefits: Hearing Aid Benefits
    Supplementary Health Benefits: Medical and Surgical Supplies
    Supplementary Health Benefits: Special Diets
    Supplementary Health Benefits: Home Parenteral Therapy and Enteral Nutrition Programs
  11 Income
    General Policy (8975)
    Available Income (8983)
    Income: Rounding Income
    Resources Not Considered Income (8982)
    Income: Gifts in Kind
    Income: Third Party Payments
    Income: Loans
    Income: Loan Payments
    Allowable Income Deductions (8981)
    Employment and Self-Employment Income (8978)
    Room and Board / Rental Income Deductions (8980)
    Income: Income Deducted to Repay Other Programs
    Income: Income Exemptions (Full, Partial and Non-Exempt) (4888)
    Fully Exempt Income (8979)
    Income: Vacation Pay
    Income: Earnings in Kind
    Income: Skill Fees
    Awards, Prizes and Cash Gifts (8977)
    Income: On-going Assistance
    Income: Income and First Benefit Period
    Income: Income at Intake
    Income: Child and Adult Support Income
    Income: Income Support Recipients from Other Provinces
    Income: Substantiation and Verification
  12 Assets
    Assets: General Policy
    Assets: Asset Exemptions
  14 Assignment of Benefits
    Assignment of Benefits: Definitions
    Assignment of Benefits: Policy
    Assignment of Benefits: Procedures
    Assignment of Benefits: Subsequent AOB Requests
    Assignment of Benefits: Irregularities in the AOB Process
  15 Director Approval
  16 Child Support Services
    Child Support Services: Referrals
    Child Support Services: Case Management
  17 Appeal and Decision Review
    Appeal and Decision Review: Introduction and Authority
    Appeal and Decision Review: Right to Appeal and the Appeal Process
    Appeals through an Income and Employment Supports Appeal Panel
  18 Overpayment, Debt and Recovery
    Overpayment, Debt and Recovery: Introduction
    Overpayment, Debt and Recovery: Criteria for Exempting the Requirement to Repay an Overpayment (8593)
    Overpayment, Debt and Recovery: Authority Level for Exempting Repayment (8828)
    Overpayment, Debt and Recovery: Notice of Overpayment (8831)
    Overpayments as a Result of Retroactive Payments (8960)
    Overpayment, Debt and Recovery: Voluntary Repayment of an Overpayment (8830)
    Overpayment, Debt and Recovery: Repayment Agreements
    Overpayment, Debt and Recovery: Recoveries System
    Overpayment, Debt and Recovery: Recovery of Debts
    Overpayment, Debt and Recovery: Client Registered with MEP
    Overpayment, Debt and Recovery: Total Ineligibility
    Overpayment, Debt and Recovery: Client Notification and Education
    Overpayment, Debt and Recovery: Duplicate Payments
    Overpayment, Debt and Recovery: Underpayments
    Overpayment, Debt and Recovery: Credit Balances
    Overpayment, Debt and Recovery: Write Off and Suspension of Debts
    Overpayment, Debt and Recovery: Caveats, Agreements, Orders and Bankruptcy
  19 Administrative Procedures
    Testing Again (8129)
    Testing (8128)
    Abbreviations Used in this Manual
    Annual Review
    Application Process
      Application Process: Client Direction
      Application Process: Career and Employment Consultant
      Application Process: Administrative Support Staff
      Application Process: Income Support Supervisor
      Application Process: Intake Summary
      Application Process: Income Support Contact Centre
      CCD: Alerts
      CCD: Codes
      File Discrepancies between LISA and CCD
    Communication Process (8643)
    Reporting of Circumstances
      CRC: Staff Responsibilities
      CRC: Client Responsibilities
    Duplicate Persons
    File Closures
    File Creation and Structure
    File Transfers
      File Transfers: Introduction
      File Transfer Procedures
      File Transfers: Closed and Pending Files on LISA
      File Transfers: Closed and Non-Service Files on CCD
      File Transfers: Closed and Pending Files
    Financial Processing System
      Forms: Government of Alberta Forms Website
    Function Assignments
    LISA Codes
    Payment Methods and Processes
      Payment Methods and Processes: Introduction
      Payment Methods and Processes: Cheques
        Cheques: Cheque Signing Authorities and Responsibilities (8268)
        Cheques: Guidelines for Pick Up of Cheques in Emergency Situation (8267)
        Cheques: Mails/Holds/Pick-Ups for Cheques Returned to Office (8266)
        Cheques: Manual (Typed or Handwritten) Local District Office Cheques (HD) (8265)
        Cheques: Payment Status Inquiries (8264)
        Cheques: Reimbursement to a Financial Institution or Cheque Cashing Agency (8263)
        Payment Methods and Processes: Returned Cheques and Voucher Procedures
        Cheques: Stop Payment on Cheques Subsequently Cashed (8262)
        Cheques: Stop Payment on Printed Cheques (8261)
        Cheques: Third-Party Cheques (8260)
        Cheques: Voiding a Cheque (8259)
      Payment Methods and Processes: Direct Deposit
      Payment Methods and Processes: EMP0018 Purchase Authorization and Invoice
      Payment Methods and Processes: Health Benefits Card / EMP 1976 Drug Authorization
      Payment Methods and Processes: Opening a Bank Account without Identification
      Payment Methods and Processes: Procurement Cards
      Payment Methods and Processes: Scratch Pad
    Substantiation and Verification
      Substantiation and Verification: Introduction
      Substantiation and Verification: Personal and Family Information
    Testing4 (8130)
  20 Investigation

News and Updates (ETW/BFE)

Learner Policy & Procedures
  Overview of Benefits and Services
  Application Process
    Application Process Overview
    Child Support Services
    Timeline for Applications
  Learner Eligibility
    Steps to Determine Learner Eligibility
    Eligibility Criteria – Full-Time Learner
    Exceptions to Eligibility Criteria
  Learner Income Support Benefits
    Overview of Learner Income Support Benefits - General
    Continuous Supplementary Benefits (General Policies)
      Overview of Continuous Supplementary Benefits
      Additional Shelter
      Handicap Benefit
      High Cost Community
      High School Incentive Benefit
      Isolated Community Allowance
      Child Supplement Allowance for Non-EI Learners
      Personal Benefit-Telephone & Transportation-Leaving Abusive Situations
      Special Diets
      Training Transportation
      Transportation to Day or Employment Programs
    Core Essential Benefit
    Core Shelter Benefit
    Director Approval
    Emergency Benefits
    Health Benefits
    Non-Continuous Supplementary Benefits
      Overview of Non-Continuous Supplementary Benefits
      Child Care Deposit and Registration Fee
      Children’s School Expenses
      Damage Deposit
      Employment Training and Transition Supports
      Escaping Abuse Benefit
      Funeral Benefits
      Natal and Adoptive Needs Payment
      Relocation Allowance
      Residential Addictions Treatment
      Special Transportation and Travel Payment
      Supplementary (Additional) Health Benefits
      Utility Connection, Reconnection or Deposit
    Training Benefits
  Financial Benefits Decision
    Financial Eligibility Overview
    Assets – General
      Exempt Assets
      Liquid Assets
    Income – General
      100% Exempt Income
      Non-Exempt and Partially Exempt Income
    Determining Financial Income Support (IS) Benefits
    Partial Financial Eligibility
      Sponsored Immigrants
      AISH Recipients as Learners
      Registered Treaty Indian Learners Living On Reserve - Non-EI Learners
      Two Attending
      Spouse/Partner Ineligible Due to Residency, Citizenship or Other Program Involvement (7528)
    Payment Timelines
    Direct Deposit
    Learner - Cheques (7148)
  Service Management: Learner Income Support
    Overview of Service Management: Learner Income Support
    Change in Circumstances
    Overpayments and Debts
    Waiving Overpayments (8641)
    Duplicate Payments
    Recovery of Debts
    Recoveries: Repayment Agreements
    Recoveries: Defaulting Sponsor
    Maintaining Financial Eligibility
    Emergency Processing
  Appeals and Reviews
    Appeal and Decision Review/ Introduction and Authority
    Right to Appeal and the Appeal Process
    Appeals Through an Income and Employment Supports Appeal Panel
    Post-Verification Reviews

News and Updates (LIS)