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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: January 08, 2019
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19 Administrative Procedures

Communication Process


To establish clear communication guidelines that assist staff in accessing the information they need to make decisions.


Communicating with Delivery Supports or other Corporate Resources

Delivery Supports will act as a communication hub between Delivery Services and corporate office. When a question/concern arises Delivery Supports will consult with or refer to other areas as needed. 
Topics submitted do not have to be purely Income Support policy in nature; questions can be sent regarding Expected to Work and Barriers to Full Employment (ETW/BFE) policy, health benefits, appeal decisions or anything related to the administration of the ETW/BFE Income Support program.

When dealing with action or information requests, please continue to work directly with the Assistant Deputy Minister’s office.

A centralized communication process increases consistency and effectiveness within the program and ensures that issues are tracked so that policy changes can be considered and potential training issues can be identified.


The following steps are followed when workers require clarification on a particular issue or want to offer suggestions on issues related to ETW/BFE Income Support policies:

  1. The worker researches the issue by using the online policy manual to:
    1. Define existing program and policies
    2. Identify gaps (if any) in the information that affects ability to make a decision.
  1. The worker consults with the Supervisor to resolve the issue.
  1. The Income Support Supervisor consults with other Supervisors, as needed.  If the issue remains unresolved, the Supervisor discusses the issue with the Manager or regional Income Support Specialist.
  1. The Manager or regional Income Support Specialist reviews the issue and provides direction (as needed), or requests further clarification or review by Delivery Supports by:
    1. Summarizing (or having a designated worker summarize) the issue and forwarding to Delivery Supports internal email.
    2. Issues submitted by a designate must indicate who delegated the task to them, to confirm the appropriate steps have been taken.  The summary should include:
    • Date
    • File Number and Mobius Reference ID (if applicable)
    • Issue description
    • Magnitude of issue
    • Reference to existing program policies
    • Description of consultation activities
    • Supporting documentation as appropriate
For urgent matters contact by telephone.
  1. Delivery Supports conducts a thorough analysis and consults with other areas as needed.  An email response is sent back to the Income Support Specialist, Manager or designated worker in a timely manner (where possible).


These steps ensure that issue resolution is a shared activity within the ETW/BFE Income Support programs and promotes decision making as close to the front line as possible.

All issues that are forwarded to Delivery Supports will be tracked for future program or policy development.