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Learner Policy & Procedures

Published Date: April 01, 2016
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Service Management: Learner Income Support

Change in Circumstances


Income and Employment Supports Act, section 14(2)


Learners receive the amount of Income Support (IS) and benefits to which they are entitled while attending an approved training program.


Changes in a learner’s situation that occur while attending training may affect the amount of Income Support (IS) that the household is eligible to receive. For example, adding a dependant to the household may increase the IS entitlement; whereas, an increase in household income (from a source other than the IS program) may reduce the amount of IS eligibility.

Learners must report any changes that may impact their IS eligibility by submitting a Change in Circumstances for Learners form. Failure to report these changes may result in an overpayment being calculated and the learner owing a debt to the Department.

A Change in Circumstances form may be obtained from a:

Learners must submit a Change in Circumstances form to the Learner Income Support Office (LISO) whenever there is a change in

  • Legal Name (learner or household member), 
  • Immigration Status,
  • Address, 
  • Relationship or marital status,
  • The number of dependants residing in the household, 
  • Child care arrangements,
  • Monthly income that exceeds $75 per month,
  • Assets and savings (etc.) for all/any household members, 
  • Academic status (e.g., withdrawal from a training program, changing from full-time to part-time studies, etc.), and/or
  • A spouse’s attendance in training.

Learners are also required to submit a Change in Circumstances form to request additional IS and benefits that were not included in their original Funding Decision letter such as

Sections on the Change in Circumstances form that pertain to the household’s situation must be fully completed.  If no section on the form specifically applies to their circumstances, learners are advised to document any changes in the comments section.

Learners must also include documentation to substantiate the information declared on the Change in Circumstances form (e.g., verification from Citizenship and Immigration Canada showing a change to immigration status, etc.).  Photocopies rather than original documents are to be submitted whenever possible.

Both the learner and spouse/partner (if applicable) must sign and date the Change in Circumstances form.

Learners receive a Funding Decision letter detailing changes to the household’s financial entitlement after the Change in Circumstances is processed. It may require four to six weeks to process a Change in Circumstances form. 

Emergency Processing may be considered in situations where the household is at risk of hardship if immediate financial assistance is not made available. In an urgent or emergency situation the learner is advised to contact LISO directly.

For an address change without a change in housing type (i.e. private vs. social housing), Authorized Officials can send a task to LISO’s Benefit Coordinator Work Queue for LISO to update the Product Delivery Case Home Page. Failure to generate a Task to LISO may delay monthly payment processing for the learner household.


Learner Benefit Coordinator, LISO