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Learner Policy & Procedures

Published Date: April 01, 2016
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Application Process

Application Process Overview


Individuals who are seeking Income Support while attending Government of Alberta funded training must complete and submit a Learner Income Support Application for Full-Time Study.

A learner may apply for multiple programs/sessions with the same training provider on one application:

  • as long as the correct program/session date is in the Programs and Services Catalogue; 
  • the training provider referral has been done for each program/session;  
  • the sessions are of the same program or a continuation of the same program on a subsequent header in the Programs and Services Catalogue;
  • there is no break that exceeds 3 weeks; and
  • there is no conflict with the Duration policy.

A separate application must be completed when:

  • the individual returns to training after a break of more than 3 weeks,
  • changes training providers,
  • changes career goals, or
  • there is a change in training start date that is greater than 30 days from the original start date.
Due to the extended length of a funding period, it is even more important that a learner report any household
change in circumstance
to ensure that the correct benefits and amounts are issued.

When completing the Learner Income Support Application (full-time study) the individual must ensure:

Funding Decision Letter

When a Learner Income Support Application for Full-Time Study has been processed, a Funding Decision letter is mailed to the learner. This letter indicates:

  • amount of assistance that has been approved for Income Support and for training benefits, 
  • monthly amount the learner will receive, 
  • disbursement schedule, 
  • how the learner will receive their funding,   
  • Health Benefits Card information, 
  • important information about learner responsibilities, and 
  • notification of the right to appeal and the appeal process.