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Learner Policy & Procedures

Published Date: April 01, 2016
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Service Management: Learner Income Support

Overview of Service Management: Learner Income Support


Financial Service Management involves activities to determine the individual’s ongoing eligibility for income support. Learners are responsible for notifying the Government of Alberta of changes in their circumstances while attending school.


To maintain eligibility for income support benefits, a learner must continue to meet eligibility requirements and comply with their training provider's attendance policy.

Training providers may also have policies and expectations that could impact a learner continuing with their training. Failure to follow all of the training provider's rules could also result in a learner being terminated from their program, which would also result in the termination of their income support benefits.

Learners are required to report changes in their circumstances by completing and submitting a Change in Circumstances for Learners form.

When the Government of Alberta receives a Change in Circumstance form for Learners, a reassessment is completed. This reassessment could result in:

  • an increased award (e.g. the addition of a dependent child),
  • a decreased award (e.g. an increase in the amount of net spousal employment earnings),
  • the learner no longer being eligible for funding (e.g. the learner dropping from full time studies to part time studies or a change in assets).

If a change is not reported to the Government of Alberta, it could result in an overpayment for the learner.