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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: April 01, 2006
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19 Administrative Procedures

File Transfers

Closed and Pending Files

Sending Alberta Works Centre
Request for Electronic File (Closed or pending on LISA) When a request for an electronic LISA file transfer is received, transfer the electronic LISA file using Transfer File function 14 (do not transfer paper file) (RR-AS)

Complete EMP 2323 LISA Electronic File Transfer Out Log (RR-AS)
Request for Closed Paper File, closed for 2 years or less When an email requesting a closed paper file is received:

Verify that the electronic LISA file has been transferred out using Inquire Client File function 8 for files closed less than 3 months (RR-AS)

Complete EMP 2195 File Transfer Memo and file the copies (RR-AS)

Complete PWSS 4117 Registration Form for courier and file the copies (RR-AS)

Forward all volumes of paper file to requesting office within 2 working days of transfer request (RR‑AS)

Record in a log book the file transfer e.g. client’s name, file number, requesting office code and date (RR-AS)