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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: April 25, 2012
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19 Administrative Procedures

Reporting of Circumstances

Staff Responsibilities


To ensure clients report on a regular basis, changes in circumstances that may impact their eligibility.


Clients are required to report their circumstances on a monthly basis using either the CRC or the ARC. To simplify administration and provide flexibility for different client circumstances, CEC/SFSC’s have the authority to exempt reporting requirements for up to 12 months.


The ARC is a reporting tool that uses either voice recognition software or a web portal tha allows clients the ability to use the telephone or computer (with internet access) to report their monthly circumstances.  When ARC is available IS clients are to use the ARC for monthly reporting unless they have been exempted from using the ARC by a supervisor.


The CRC is a reporting tool that is used when exempted from ARC by a supervisor. The CRC is provided to these specified clients with their monthly statements and they are required to complete and submit the CRC to their worker each month.

The Public Trustee returns CRC’s monthly, stamped with the words Public Trustee and with only changes for the income and asset sections recorded. An annual review is required for all clients whose finances are managed by the Public Trustee. When a client has the Public Trustee managing their finances, the CEC/SFSC enters the diary date for an annual review.


Although it is preferable to have the client submit an original CRC, a faxed copy is acceptable when submitting an original would create a hardship for the client.


Exemption of Client Reporting through CRC/ARC

The CEC/SFSC can exempt any client (regardless of client type) from reporting though for a period of up to 12 months.

When deciding to exempt the client, the worker may want to consider such factors as:

  • The ability of a client to monthly report or 
  • Monthly reporting would cause extreme hardship or
  • A Barriers to Full Employment (BFE) client or their financial administrator, requests an exemption or 
  • Changes in client circumstances for the period of exemption are judged to be unlikely.

The worker must advise the client of the CRC/ARC reporting exemption and indicate the start and end dates of the exemption period. The client is also advised that they are responsible to notify the worker of any changes in circumstances.

The procedures for exempting the client from monthly reporting are located in the Career and Employment Consultant (CEC) section of the policy manual.


If the client informs the worker of any change, the worker must review if the exemption should continue and document Notes in Mobius. If the change impacts eligibility for ongoing benefits, the worker will need the client to monthly report prior to issuing further benefits.

All clients must report changes through either a completed CRC, input into ARC, or annual review at least once each year. To facilitate this a CRC Exemption Report will print after a recipient has been exempted for 9 months. The report can also be printed upon request.

The CEC/SFSC may cancel the reporting exemption period at any time if circumstances change. If the exemption is being discontinued, the worker must inform the client in advance so that the benefits are not interrupted.


Processing ARC

Through the ARC system, the client responds to a series of questions which determines if they are eligible for ongoing IS. The ARC system speaks directly with LISA and prompts the cheque release flag on LISA to automatically change to “Y” when there are not any change in circumstances and the client remains eligible for IS. 

Centrally Delivered Services staff will review the ARC for any changes reported by the IS recipient and either:

  1. Make necessary adjustments for minor changes (i.e., address changes); or
  2. Ensure the cheque release flag in LISA is set to “N” and enter comments in Mobius Notes for the SFSC to review and take any required action.

The SFSC worker will:

  1. Review the Mobius Notes, make any required adjustments, and enter comments in Mobius Notes
  2. Retain responsibility for decisions regarding ongoing eligibility for clients using ARC including releasing benefits when eligible

Processing CRC's

When the completed CRC is received, the SFSC will:

  1. If there are no changes, enter the information on the CRC Processing screen (CRC Date Received, Release Cheque flag and client type or File Change flag) to produce a cheque.
  2. If there are changes:
  • enter the CRC Date Received and a "Y" or "N" for the client type or File Change flag in the CRC Processing screen;

  • make the appropriate changes in Client File (using function 7) and/or Client Budget (using function 9), and

  • change the cheque release flag to "Y".

Incomplete CRC's

Incomplete CRC's do not automatically need to be returned to the client.  The SFSC:

  • Decides if there is enough information or knowledge of the client's circumstances to issue benefits; or
  • Contacts the client if possible for the missing information or
  • Returns the CRC with the EMP 2315 CRC Return Notice.
Notes should be entered in Mobius to support the decision to either process or return an incomplete CRC.

Substantiating Documentation

The SFSC needs more documentation only if:

The client has earnings, or
There are changes in other income, or
The information is unclear, or contradicts information received from other sources.

No input in ARC or CRC Received for Clients Not Exempted From Reporting

If the client who is required to report on a monthly basis does not report by the system closure date, the file is closed as a system closure.

In these situations if the SFSC is aware of the client’s circumstances and reason for not needing more benefits, the SFSC enters the information in Mobius Notes.

Filing the CRC

The CRC is filed in the EMP 2299 Plastic CRC Pouch in Section 2 of the client’s file.

Cheque Inquiry Line

Client inquiries can be directed to the worker or the Cheque Inquiry Line.  In Edmonton 780‑427‑6942 or outside Edmonton 780‑310‑0000 then enter 780‑427‑6942.