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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: November 06, 2020
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15 Administrative Procedures

LISA Codes

Community and Social Services Office Codes
A three-digit code identifying the LISA office code under which benefits are administered. The first digit identifies the Region. More than one Service Centre may use a single LISA Office Code.               


Current LISA Office Codes Service Centre Site
Region 1 – Northwest
117 Grande Prairie Grande Prairie
Grande Cache
120 High Prairie High Prairie
Slave Lake
125 Peace River Peace River
High Level
Region 2 – Northeast
215 Fort McMurray Fort McMurray
Region 3 – Edmonton
312 Edmonton West (BFE) Edmonton (BFE)
343 Edmonton Centre, North & South Edmonton City Centre
Edmonton North
Edmonton South
Sherwood Park
St. Albert
353 ISCC – After Hrs Crisis Centre Income Support Contact Centre
Common Service Delivery
Region 4 – Central
426 Red Deer Red Deer
Rocky Mountain House
Drayton Valley
Region 5 – Calgary
539 Calgary East Westland Westland Professional Centre
541 One Executive Place One Executive Place
Bow Corridor
568 Calgary South Central Area South Central
10th & 10th
Fisher Park
Region 6 – South
603 Crowsnest Pass Crowsnest Pass
Pincher Creek
605 Brooks Brooks
622 Lethbridge Lethbridge
623 Medicine Hat Medicine Hat
Region 7 – North Central
702 Barrhead Barrhead
732 Vegreville Vegreville
Cold Lake
Lac La Biche
St. Paul


AISH LISA Office Codes

Current LISA Office Code
117 Northwest AISH Region
215 Northeast AISH Region
702, 732 North Central AISH Region
351 Edmonton AISH Region
446 Central AISH Region
545 Calgary AISH Region
644 South AISH Region


Previous LISA Office Codes Used for CCD Reference Only

Former LISA Office Code Service Centre Site
102, 202 Barrhead
116, 316, 157 Grande Cache
119 High Level
128 Slave Lake
136, 236, 202 Whitecourt
151 North AISH Region
201, 202 Athabasca
204, 232 Bonnyville
221, 232 Lac La Biche
229 Smoky Lake
231, 232 St. Paul
232 Vegreville
233 Vermilion
248 Lloydminster
260, 202 Westlock
264, 232 Cold Lake
310, 340 Edmonton North
311, 362 Edmonton Argyll
313 Edmonton Westmount
314, 158 Edson
338, 362 Sherwood Park
342 Edmonton Capilano
344, 362 Parkland
346 Edmonton Crisis Unit
354 Edmonton Court Services
356 Leduc
357, 157 Hinton
362 Edmonton South
Edmonton Emergency Social Services
370 Drayton Valley
380 Edmonton Single Men’s Hostel
382 Gunn Welfare Centre
384 Hilltop House
408 Camrose
409 Drumheller
418 Hanna
424 Olds
427 Rocky Mountain House
430 Stettler
433 Vermilion
434 Wainwright
435 Wetaskiwin
448 Lloydminster
483 Youngstown Home
506 Simons Valley
507 Fisher Park
537 Alberta Place
547 Bow Corridor
549 Calgary Ranchlands
553 Plaza 14
581 Calgary Single Men’s Hostel
658 Taber
661 Claresholm


Personal Identification (PID)
A ten digit code assigned by the CCD system for each registered adult


Postal Code
A six character code (letter, number, letter, space, number, letter, & number) from the mailing address


Living Arrangement
A one digit code indicating the client’s living arrangement

0 AISH (clients 91-93)
1 Private Housing
2 Living with Family
4 Approved Homes/Group Homes
5 Designated Facility
6 Social Housing
7 No Shelter


Household Unit Type (HT)
A two digit code LISA automatically inputs as specified in policy. IS benefits and asset limits are determined by the HT.

Household Unit Type Matrix (view chart)


Marital Status
A one-digit code indicating the client’s current marital status

1 Married
2 Cohabiting Partner
3 Widow/Widower
4 Single
5 Separated from Cohabiting Partner
6 Separated from Spouse
7 Divorced
9 AISH – Spouse/Partner has separate AISH/IS file


Designated Facility
A five digit code identifying the type of accommodation

00001 Private Housing (IS only)
00002 Room & Board, Relatives (AISH client sub type 91 only)
00003 Room & Board, Non-Relative includes Approved Homes (AISH client sub type 91 only)
00004 Own Home (AISH client sub type 91 only)
00005 Rent, except for Mobile Homes (AISH client sub type 91 only)
00006 Mobile Home own or rent, on Lot Rental (AISH client sub type 91 only)
11111 Nursing Homes, Senior Citizens Homes (IS and AISH client sub type 92) including:
  • Alberta Mennonite Home for the Aged (Coaldale)
  • Good Shepherd Home (Wetaskiwin)
  • Alfred Egan Home (Bow Island)
  • Haven of Rest (Medicine Hat)
  • Bethany Care Centre (Calgary)
  • Hythe Pioneer Home (Hythe)
  • Bethany Sunset Home (Camrose)
  • St. Joseph’s Home for the Aged (Medicine Hat)
  • Bow Park Court (Calgary)
  • Sunset Lodge (Edmonton)
  • Fort MacLeod Health Care Centre, Special Development Unit (Fort MacLeod)
  • Trinity Lodge (Calgary)
  • Ukrainian Senior Citizen’s Home of the Holy Eucharist (Edmonton)
11112 Designated Assisted Living Facilities (DAL) – non-lodge (AISH client sub type 92 only)
11113 Designated Assisted Living Facilities (DAL) – Lodge (AISH client sub type 92 only)
22222 Auxiliary Hospitals, Acute/Extended Care Facilities (IS and AISH client category 92)
33333 Gunn Centre or Non Government Owned and Operated Group Homes (IS and AISH client category 91)
44444 Government Owned and Operated Group Homes (AISH client category 93 only) – only Residential and Support Services (R&SS) in Edmonton and Graduated Supports (formerly known as Scenic Bow Residences) in Calgary


Client Type
A two digit code identifying the client sub type of the head of household and partner

Expected To Work (ETW) (Client Sub Type 10s)

11 Self-employed
12 Employed full-time
13 Employed part-time
14 Available for work/training
15 Attending a program
17 Temporarily unable to work/train – health problems
18 Temporarily unable to work/train – family care


Barriers to Full Employment (BFE) (Client Sub Type 40s)

42 Medical or multiple barriers
43 Severe handicap
44 Self-employed
45 Employed full-time
46 Employed part-time
47 Attending a program


Alberta Adult Health Benefits (AAHB) (Client Sub Type 70s)

72 AISH Leaver Due to Excess Employment Income
73 AISH Leaver Due to Excess CPP-D Income
74 ETW Leaver Due to Excess Employment Income
75 BFE Leaver Due to Excess Employment Income (Except HT 43)
77 BFE Severe Handicap Leaver Due to Excess Employment or CPP-D Income (HT 43 Only)
78 Health Benefits Card Only - Pregnancy
79 Health Benefits Card Only - High Drug Needs


One-Time Issue (Client Sub Type 80s)

81 Transient
82 Resident


AISH (Client Sub Type 90s)

91 Straight AISH
92 Modified AISH
93 AISH client living in Government Group Home


Medical Coverage
Each person in the family is coded individually for Health Benefits Card coverage (e.g., persons with Treaty First Nations Status are not included on the card)

Y Yes, this person is included on the Health Benefits Card (HBC)
N No, this person is not included on the Health Benefits Card (HBC)


Direct Deposit
A code indicating whether a client has been exempt from direct deposit

Y Yes, client is exempt from direct deposit
N No, client is not exempt from direct deposit, client’s bank information must be entered


Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) Status
A one digit code indicating AHCIP coverage

1 Covered by Department
2 Not Covered by Department


Med Code – Health Benefits Card (HBC)
A one-digit code indicating the Health Benefits Card coverage issued to the household unit members on a client file

1 Health benefits/supplementary dental benefits (receives co-payment AISH only)
3 Health benefits/supplementary dental benefits/restricted drugs (receives co-payment AISH only)
6 Health benefits/standard dental benefits
7 No coverage for anyone on the file
9 Health benefits/standard dental benefits/restricted drugs


Client Ordinarily On Reserve
A one-letter code identifying the residence, and therefore the financial responsibility, of Status First Nations people as per the “Arrangement for the Funding and Administration of Social Services”

Y yes – means the client was living either
  • On an First Nations reserve
  • In the community of Cadotte Lake, Fort Chipewyan, Fort McKay, Garden River or Little Buffalo
  • Away from the reserve/community for one of the following reasons:


    • To obtain care in a care facility
    • To access a social service not available on the reserve
    • To access full-time post-secondary education or training program and is receiving funding for their studies and maintains a home on a reserve/community
N no – means the client is not ordinarily living on the reserve


Assets Revealed
A mandatory field for AISH clients, a one letter code indicating the client reported their assets. All AISH must be Y - yes, the client revealed their assets.


AISH Medical Code
A six digit code, in sets of two, identifying up to the first three of a client’s medical condition(s) in order of importance (shown in Section B of the SCS 2066 AISH Medical Examination form). If fewer than three conditions are identified on the Medical form, zeroes are added after the first or second code. If more than three conditions are identified, only the three most important are coded.

AISH medical code 606060 is used for Client sub-type 43 Severe Handicap to indicate that the medical eligibility has been entered by an IS worker, not an AISH administrator. Clients with this medical code are not eligible to transfer to the AISH program.


Indian Registration Number
A registration number (maximum of 10 digits) assigned by the Federal Government to all Status First Nations people

First Nation (Band) Number the first 3 digits (see below)
Band Registration Number the next 5 digits (if it is less than 5 digits, zeroes are added to the left of the number)
Family Composition Number the last 2 digits


List of Bands in Alberta


Band Name

Band Number

Band Name

128 (462)

Whitefish Lake First Nation (Goodfish)


Siksika Nation

433 Stoney (Chiniki)
431 O’Chiese 434 Sunchild First Nation
432 Tsuut'ina Nation 435 Blood
436 Piikani First Nation 456 Sucker Creek
437 Alexis 457 Swan River First Nation
438 Alexander 458 Bigstone Cree Nation
439 Louis Bull 459 Whitefish Lake First Nation (Atikameg)
440 Enoch Cree Nation #440 460 Beaver Lake
441 Paul 461 Mikisew Cree First Nation
442 Montana 462 Saddle Lake
443 Ermineskin Tribe 463 Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation
444 Samson 464 Cold Lake First Nations
445 Beaver First Nation 465 Frog Lake
446 Tallcree 466 Kehewin Cree Nation
447 Little Red River Cree Nation 467 Fort McKay First Nation
448 Dene Tha’ 468 Fort McMurray #468 First Nation
449 Horse Lake First Nation 469 Heart Lake
450 Driftpile First Nation 470 Chipewyan Prairie First Nation
451 Duncan’s First Nation 473 Stoney (Bearspaw)
452 Kapawe’no First Nation 474 Woodland Cree First Nation
453 Lubicon Lake 475 Stoney (Wesley)
454 Sawridge 476 Loon River Cree
455 Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation 477 Smith's Landing First Nation


A two-digit code indicating the highest level of the client’s education

01 Grade 1 11 Grade 11
02 Grade 2 12 Grade 12
03 Grade 3 13 Special Education
04 Grade 4 14 Partial apprenticeship
05 Grade 5 15 Journeyman certificate
06 Grade 6 16 Partial technical/college
07 Grade 7 17 Technical Certificate/College Diploma
08 Grade 8 18 Partial University
09 Grade 9 19 University/Professional graduate
10 Grade 10    


A two-digit number identifying the client’s occupation

NA Not Applicable
00 Senior Management Occupation
01 Middle Management & Other Management
11 Professional Occupation in Business & Finance
12 Skilled Administrative & Business Occupation
14 Clerical Occupation
21 Professional Occupation in Natural & Applied Sciences
22 Technical Occupation in Natural & Applied Sciences
31 Professional Occupation in Health
32 Technical and Skilled Occupation in Health
34 Assisting Occupations in Support of Health Services
41 Professional Occupation in Social Science, Education, Government Services & Religion
42 Paraprofessional Occupation in Law, Social Services, Education & Religion
51 Professional Occupational in Art & Culture
52 Technical & Skilled Occupation in Art, Culture, Recreation & Sports
62 Skilled Sales & Service Occupation
64 Intermediate Sales & Service Occupation
66 Elemental Sales and Service Occupation
72 Trades
73 Skilled Transportation & Equipment Occupation
74 Intermediate Occupation in Transport, Equip. Operat., Installation & Maintenance
76 Trade Helpers, Construction Labourer & Related Occupation
82 Skilled Occupation in Primary Industry
84 Intermediate Occupation in Primary Industry
86 Labourers in Primary Industry
92 Manufacturing, Processing & Utilities Supervisor & Skilled Operators
94 Manufacturing, Processing Machine Operators & Assemblers
96 Labourers in Processing, Manufacturing & Utilities


Child Support Services Closure Reason

1 Dependant deleted (system entered)
2 Respondent added
3 IS/AISH/AAHB file closed (system entered)
4 Other – See LISA Comments


Budget Status
A one digit code indicating whether the client receives the maximum core essential for the household unit

0 Not Applicable (Client type 90s and 70s)
1 Maximum Core Essential
2 Other than Maximum Core Essential


Need Codes (Long Description)
A four-digit code identifying the type of needs (benefits) a client is eligible to receive

Continuous Core Benefits

1105 Accommodation Charge (Nursing Home/Auxiliary Hospital)
1109 Additional Shelter
1111 Government Funded Group Home
1112 Mental Health Approved Home
1115 Social Housing Rent
1125 Shelter (conversion)
1130 Core Shelter
1134 Shelter Living with Family
1135 Shelter For Expected or Returning Children
1201 Utilities Social Housing Only
1405 Comforts/Residence Core Essential
1407 Personal Benefit – Family Violence Shelter
1420 High School Incentive
1422 Personal Needs Supplement
1430 Core Essential


Continuous –– AISH Only

1426 Co-Pay Allowance
1501 Handicap Benefit
1601 AISH Maximum


Continuous Supplementary Benefits

1701 Special Diet
1702 Babysitting with Family
1703 Babysitting 
1705 Medical/Extraordinary Transportation
1708 Day Care Parent Portion
1713 Prescription Drugs
1721 Other Continuous Medical Needs
1723 Transportation – Day or Employment Program
1724 Isolated Community Allowance
1729 Adult Health Benefit
1730 Recurring Need
1731 Earnings Replacement
1732 Telephone and Transport. – Leaving Abusive Sit.
1737 Disability Related Travel
1738 Child Supplement Allowance
1740 Prenatal Needs Payment
1798 Other Continuous Need – Director Approval
1799 Other Continuous Appeal Panel Decision


Non-Continuous Supplementary Benefits

1801 Damage Deposit
1802 Children’s School Expenses
1804 Moving for Employment
1807 Utility Arrears
1817 Utility Connection
1818 Income Not Received
1819 Natal Allowance
1820 Utility Deposit
1827 Employment Training and Transition Supports HH
1828 Non Emergency Travel
1829 Utility Reconnection
1830 Residential Addictions Treatment (no longer in effect)
1831 Day Care Deposit
1833 Relocation Allowance
1835 Community Living Start Up
1839 Core Essential For Transient/One Time Issue
1840 Emergency Childcare
1841 Emergency Food
1842 Emergency Clothing
1843 Emergency Shelter
1844 Emergency Transportation
1845 Emergency Repairs to Household Appliance
1846 Emergency Home Repairs
1847 Other Emergency Issue
1848 Emergency Shelter-Abuse Situation
1849 Escaping Family Violence Benefit
1850 Emergency Food For Travel
1851 Emergency Damage Deposit
1852 Emergency Eviction
1857 Employment Training and Transition Supports – SP
1863 Non-Emergency Accommodations
1864 Non-Emergency Food
1865 Moving to Escape Family Violence
1866 Other Non-Continuous Needs
1867 Day Care Registration
1868 Core Shelter/One Time Issue
1887 Underpayment
1888 Credit Balance Refund for Applicant
1889 Credit Balance Refund for Spouse/Partner
1898 Other Non-Continuous Needs – Director Approval
1899 Other Non-Continuous Need Approved by Appeal Panel


Non-Continuous Health Benefit

1901 Prescription Drugs
1904 Eye Examination
1905 Dental Fees/Supplies
1906 Denturist
1907 Optical Services
1909 Income Support Medical
1910 Ambulance Services
1911 AISH Medical
1912 Medical/Surgical Supplies
1913 Hearing Aid
1915 Diabetic Supplies
1950 Optometric


Continuous Income Exemption Need

2101 AISH Income Exemption
2102 COLA Protection (AISH)
2103 Income Support Income Exemption
2104 Children’s Income Exemption
2105 Employment Exemption
2106 Income Exemption – Hardship


A four-digit code identifying the type of income deducted from a client’s benefits

3101 Employment Insurance
3201 War Veterans Payment
3301 Workers’ Compensation
3401 CPP/QPP Retirement Pension
3402 CPP – Disability Pension
3403 CPP – Survivor/Allowance
3405 CPP – Orphan/Disabled Child
3501 OAS/GIS Head of Household
3601 OAS/GIS Spouse
3701 Alberta Seniors Benefit
4001 Child/Adult Support
4101 Employment Earning Head of Household
4102 Employment Earnings for Partner
4103 Employment Earning Child(ren)
4104 Self Employment Home Based Business Head of Household
4105 Self Employment Home Based Business Partner
4204 OAS Survivor Allowance – HH under 65
4205 OAS Survivor Allowance – SP under 65
4298 Training Allowance/Shelter Workshop
4299 Other Pensions
4301 Room and Board
4302 AISH (cheque already issued)
4303 Self Employment
4304 Treaty Payment
4305 Rental Income
4308 Interest/Investment/Dividend
4310 Winnings from Games of Chance
4311 Farm/Business/Rental Property
4312 Scholarship/Bursaries/Grant
4313 Retirement/Pension, RIF
4316 Personal Injury/Award Settlement
4317 Land Lease/Oil Exploration
4318 Private Disability/Terminal Illness Insurance
4320 Mineral/Oil Royalties, Land Claim
4321 AISH Per Diem Rate
4322 Excess Cash Assets
4323 Cash Gifts
4399 Other Income
8801 Recovery Deduction for Head of Household
8901 Recovery Deduction for Partner


Recovery (R) Flag
A one digit code identifying the recovery status of a client’s file

Blank Client has never had a debt
0 Entered by the system if either HH or Partner has a recoverable balance that has been paid back
1 The defaulted monthly deduction is being taken off a client’s benefits as specified in policy
2 The recovery deduction has been varied (increased or decreased) from the defaulted recovery amount
3 Only used if recovery action is suspended due to Ministerial direction


Payment Type
A two-letter code identifying the type of payment created

DC Disaster services cheque
DV Disaster services voucher
HD Handwritten district office cheque
MC Main payment issued at cut-off
MD Main payment issued after cut-off
SU Supplemental payment
VC Contract voucher or voucher issued without a dollar amount
VE Emergency voucher to active client in another office
VH Handwritten voucher
VR Regular system – generated voucher
* MD or SU can be issued as pick-up cheque


Stop Reason
A one-letter code identifying the reason the stop payment was placed on a cheque

D Destroyed
L Lost, not endorsed
M Misplaced (by office staff)
S Stolen, not endorsed
X Not Received by payee
Y Lost, endorsed by payee
Z Stolen, endorsed by payee


AMB 1910 Ambulance service from __________ to __________ on __________ invoice number __________
APPL 1845 Emergency repair(s) to appliances
AS 1912 Allergy serum
CORE 1430 Core Essential
CORS 1130 Rent for accommodation located at __________ (Core Shelter)
DAMD 1801 Damage deposit on accommodation located at __________
DIA2 1915 Diabetic supplies
ECLO 1842 Emergency clothing
EFOO 1841 Emergency food
EHOM 1486 Emergency home repairs
EMCC 1840 Emergency child care
EMTR 1844 Emergency transportation for medical from __________ to __________ on __________
EREH 1827 Employment training and transition supports
ERES 1857 Employment training and transition supports
ESHE 1843 Emergency shelter
EYE1 1904 Eye examinations not to exceed Alberta Health Care fee schedule
EYE2 1907 Optical services in accordance with the terms and conditions of agreements with the Alberta Association of Optometrists and the Alberta Optical Association
GRST 1430 Groceries (Core Essential)
HAID 1913 Hearing aid benefits in accordance with Alberta Aids to Daily Living fee schedule, for the period __________
IUD 1912 I.U.D. (as per doctor’s prescription)
MOVE 1804 Move of household goods and personal affects from __________ to __________ on __________
NATL 1819 Natal allowance for __________
OTHR 1847 Other emergency issue
RESP 1910 Ambulance responding fee to __________ on __________ invoice number __________
SPDT 1701 Special diet for __________
STDE 1905 Standard dentist services pending receipt of the HBC for the period __________ as per agreement with the ADA&C
STDN 1906 Standard Denturist services pending receipt of the HBC for the period __________ as per arrangement with the CDA
STM 1912 Skin testing material
UDEP 1820 Utility deposit on account number __________
UTIL 1201 Utilities for the month of __________ on account number __________


Cancel Status
A two digit code identifying why the EMP 0018 Purchase Authorization and Invoice (Voucher) is being cancelled

LS Voucher has been lost or stolen after issued (staff do not have the voucher)
CN Voucher has been returned by the client or vendor (staff have the voucher)


Closure Reason
A two digit code indicating how the client’s file closed

16 System closure – entered by system for all system closures
17 File merged on CCD – closure of a duplicate file which was registered on CCD and opened on LISA; used only when instructed by Headquarters
18 Manual closure by worker – worker has closed the file manually because a system closure could not occur