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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: December 17, 2015
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19 Administrative Procedures

Payment Methods and Processes

Procurement Cards


To ensure a Procurement Card payment method is used appropriately.


Guidelines for Using a Procurement Card in Meeting a Client’s Emergent Need

Procurement Cards

The uniqueness of client need will vary from region to region, and how benefits are issued to clients may be different. Internal processes must be set up to ensure financial controls are maintained and adhered to by DO staff.

As a last priority, Pcards are used as a method of payment when:

  1. a client has a limited and emergent need for temporary shelter or transportation,
  2. the vendor is unwilling to provide a service without the use of a PCard, and
  3. the client has consented to the third party payment.

    The Income Support Contact Centre can issue all benefits they are delegated to administer by PCard provided the client has an emergent need and conditions 2 and 3 exist.

Prior to the use of the PCard, the delivery site and PCard holders are required to know the financial policies and procedures established around this method of payment. PCard procedures must be followed by all government employees.


When a PCard is used, the delivery site and the PCard holder are responsible for:

Ensuring an internal process is in place to comply with the processing, reviewing, reconciliation and approval procedures set out for PCard payments by Alberta Finance and Treasury Board.