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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: August 01, 2011
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03 Client Categories/Types

Expected to Work (ETW)

Client Sub-Type 17 Temporarily Unavailable for Work/Train: Health Problems

A client with disabilities or health problems that are anticipated to prevent employment for up to six months. A statement indicating that the client has health issues and the expected duration must be clearly documented on the Service Plan, medical note, etc.

Clients must not be placed in this sub-type if resolution of their barrier or condition is within their control such as in the case of alcohol dependency or drug addiction. Clients must not be in this sub-type if alcohol or drug addiction is the only disability or health problem anticipated to prevent employment for up to six months.

Clients in receipt of EI for medical reasons and/or clients in the last trimester of pregnancy are categorized in this client sub-type.

Single persons, with no dependent children, who have recently left an abusive relationship and who are experiencing emotional distress as a result, are also assigned to this client sub-type.

Clients must have an Employability Assessment in Mobius completed within a reasonable period of being categorized as sub-type 17 considering factors such as: length of initial medical, client circumstances, SND assessment etc.

The minimum expectation is that a Service Plan be negotiated with clients in this sub-type one month prior to the expected end of the medical treatment or health problem.

Ideally the Service Plan should be negotiated with the client at the time they are assigned to this sub-type. It should contain activities appropriate to the client’s circumstances and give the client an opportunity, with Department support, to move towards independence if at all possible. Clients who have left an abusive situation, and who require a period of adjustment, must be assessed after six months of the client being placed in this sub-type.

Clients should not be in this sub-type longer than six months, unless an unusual set of temporary circumstances that render the client unable to work have occurred. This must be documented.

In addition to the expectations for all ETW clients, clients who are temporarily unable to work/train due to health issues are also required to follow recommended medical treatment.


  • A note or letter from the client’s physician or nurse practitioner confirming a medical situation, which precludes employment for six months or less.
  • In the case of a person leaving an abusive relationship, the verbal statement of the client or worker’s knowledge of the abuse, or only if in doubt, evidence such as a letter from another professional source (physician, nurse practitioner, women’s shelter, police, etc.).
  • The worker will request that the client’s physician or nurse practitioner complete an EMP 0207 Medical Report (internal document) if clarification of the medical situation is needed or if the medical professional refuses to provide a note or letter to the client.