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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: April 01, 2011
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03 Client Categories/Types

Expected to Work (ETW)

Client Sub-Type 13 Employed Part-Time

Clients working less than 40 hours per week but more than five hours per week, or defined as part-time by the employer. Clients in this sub-type should receive employment and training services to assist them in meeting expectations to become self-sufficient.

In addition to the expectations for all ETW clients, clients employed part-time are also required to:

  • Maintain and maximize employment, and with appropriate employment training and/or supports if applicable, to become employed full-time in the competitive labour market.
  • Actively seek employment opportunities (increased hours, additional work and/or alternate work) which would lead to increased self-sufficiency.
  • Maintain and provide, upon request, an accurate record of attempts to secure employment, including dates of phone contacts, personal contacts, interviews and results of activities.
  • Accept any reasonable job, and not limit himself or herself to a specific type of job or a specified pay range.
  • Update skills through part-time training if this is needed to progress to a position leading to greater self-sufficiency.
  • Have an Employability Assessment completed in Mobius within 6 months of being categorized sub-type 13 to ensure they are working to their capacity. 

    Clients determined, through an Employability Assessment by a CEC, to be not able to become fully self-sufficient with their current skills may be counseled to leave employment to attend training.

The client provides proof of earnings.