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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: August 01, 2011
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11 Income

Skill Fees


Income Support, Training and Health Benefits (ISTHB) Regulation, section 23(3)(a); Schedule 2, section 1(1)(i)


Skill fees are employment income. Skill fees are payments made to foster parents to compensate for special parenting skills.

Skill fees include:

  • Money paid to foster parents under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act and previously called “special rates” and


  • Money paid to host families caring for disabled adults.

The foster parent must provide the payment approval form (supplied by the Child and Family Services Regional Authority) to substantiate income. Skill fees do not include maintenance costs of an ordinary or extraordinary nature. All maintenance costs are 100% exempt.

Skill fees for host families are calculated by the region.

Payments under the Post-Adoption Support and Child Financial Support (CFS) programs do not include skill fees. Therefore these payments are exempt under ISTHB Regulation, Schedule 2, Section 1(1)(i).