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Learner Policy & Procedures

Published Date: August 01, 2011
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Application Process

Child Support Services


Income and Employment Supports Act (IESA), section 6(3)(d)
Child and Adult Support Services Regulation


Child Support Services (CSS) helps single parents and parents of blended families negotiate child support agreements or obtain court orders. Agreements and orders may be registered with Alberta Justice for enforcement and collection to increase the likelihood that child support payments will be made.

The CSS program is based on the principles that children have the right to be financially supported by their parents, and that parents are responsible for supporting their children to the best of their ability.


Non-Employment Insurance (EI) Learners
Non-EI Learners in the following situations are required to complete a Child Support Services form (Schedule 7) of the EMP 5569 Learner Income Support Application (Full Time Study) when:
  • The Learner is a single parent, or
  • The Learner and their spouse/partner are not both the biological or adoptive parents of all the dependent children listed on the Income Support Application for Learners.

If a Child Support Services form (Schedule 7) is required but not submitted, a Request for Information letter is sent to the Learner requesting the form be completed before the application can be assessed.

For single parents, the dependent children listed in the Income Support Application for Learners (Section 4) must also be listed on the Child Support Services form (Schedule 7).

If a Non-EI Learner fails to comply LISO may suspend the learner’s income support funding. Suspension may occur if the learner does not cooperate with CSS requirements e.g. attending appointments, providing necessary information, cooperating with DNA testing and/or court procedures when required.

LISO will lift this funding suspension when the learner has met CSS requirements.

When LISO receives information from a Child Support Worker that may impact the Non-EI learner’s funding (e.g., notification a child support order has been obtained and/or the addition or deletion of dependents or spouse/partner) and LISO does not receive a Change in Circumstances form for Learners from the learner the file is referred for a compliance review.

Employment Insurance (EI) Learners

CSS is voluntary for EI Learners and they can independently request CSS services by contacting their nearest CSS office.


Learner Benefit Coordinator, LISO