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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: April 01, 2006
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19 Administrative Procedures


Government of Alberta Forms Website

Publicly Accessed Website

Forms that are external to government (i.e., used by the public) are easily located through the Service Alberta Forms site. Forms and eBusiness Support, Service Alberta have developed a forms database to support the Service Alberta initiative. This database will assist Albertans to locate and access publicly used forms on-line.

GOA Internal Forms Website

This same “one stop shopping” approach will also enable government staff to easily access HRE forms on a secure website through one portal.

Accessing Electronic Forms

Go to the e-FormLinks main page on the GOA Internal Government Forms website and save this site as a favourite or shortcut.

Use your Agent Login ID and password to sign in. There is a 9-hour timeout on the site, so you may leave it active on your desktop during your workday. You may also access the site from remote workstations (i.e., home).

  • Click on “Get Forms”, found in the index on the left side of your screen, to access the forms for Alberta Community and Social Services programs and common forms across Ministries.


  • If an Income Support (IS) form is required, choose “Income Support” from the Program Specific Forms drop-down list.  If a Health Benefits (HB) form is required, choose “Health Benefits” from the Program Specific Forms drop-down list. These lists identify forms available online (Word and PDF) for the IS, HB, and Child Support Services (CSS) programs.


  • You can also find a form by using the “Search” feature. Type a keyword or the Form Number if you know it. Example: to find HRE0110, type “0110” in the search box and press “Go”. All forms with “0110” in the title will be displayed. Click on the form name to open the electronic form.


  • To open a Word form, click on the form name, click “open” and click “enable macros”.  To complete the Word form, double click “Start” and follow the prompts.


  • Not all forms are fillable at this time. If you are not able to enter information in the form, print it off and complete it by hand.


  • If you have trouble using a Word or PDF form, use the Help information to assist you. In MS Word, your security settings for macro use must be on medium, see reference in Help section.


  • If you have a question, or require assistance, use the “Contact Us” feature.


  • Check out the “What’s New” area for up-to-date information on form changes.

Accessing Paper Forms

Paper forms are stocked at the Distribution Centre and are ordered through the designated person responsible for ordering forms at your Service Centre.