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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: April 30, 2008
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19 Administrative Procedures

Application Process

Income Support Supervisor (ISS)


The Supervisor makes sure staff is fulfilling the intake process objectives of:

  • Providing an effective and efficient assessment
  • Determining each applicant’s eligibility for IS benefits
  • Issuing benefits in an expedient manner
  • Making referrals to other resources
  • Assisting applicants to develop a Service Plan to achieve their potential for self-sufficiency

Team Commitment
The Supervisor facilitates and supports the development of team commitment among the staff.

The Supervisor ensures the administrative system supports the staff in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Case Consultation
The Supervisor provides case consultation and authorizations designated to the Supervisor level.

Basis for Benefits
The Supervisor makes sure eligibility decisions are:

  • Based on the Income and Employment Supports Act, Regulations and Policy 
  • Administered according to the Program Procedures

Cheque Signing
The Supervisor, as the second delegated signer, signs each cheque on the second line.

The supervisor must ensure the DOC cheque is valid and accurate according to policy.

Restricted File
For clients who are working in the Service Centre or who have relatives or close friends working in the Service Centre, the Supervisor:

  • Restricts access to client files on LISA and CCD
  • Ensures the sensitivity level is set to 4 in Mobius 
  • Makes sure the paper file is filed in confidence

The Supervisor arranges for cover-off and re-assignment of duties for roles as required.

The Supervisor collects and reviews statistics to assist with monitoring the overall workload and making adjustments as necessary.

The Supervisor responds to applicant and client appeals by:

  • Attempting to resolve the issue with the client
  • Consulting with the Supervisor at the sending office when appropriate
  • Completing the Administrative Review 
  • Scheduling a hearing with an Income and Employment Supports Appeal Panel on Appeals Information Management System (AIMS)
  • Ensuring all relevant information concerning the client’s situation and the department’s position is documented at the appeal hearing
  • Attending the appeal panel hearing when necessary
  • Seeking legal representation when necessary