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Learner Policy & Procedures

Published Date: April 01, 2016
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Learner Eligibility

Steps to Determine Learner Eligibility

Steps in Determining Learner Eligibility

Individuals wishing to attend Government of Alberta training programs must be determined to be suitable to attend training.

An individual’s eligibility for income support and training benefits is determined by:

  1. Completion of a determination of suitability for training– this is performed by an Authorized Official or Authorized Training Provider. It may include an assessment of an individual’s need for training, their employment status, skill level, whether they are labour market destined and whether they are ready, willing and able to participate in training.
  2. Development of a Service Plan – The individual's information is used to develop a Service Plan which documents the steps required for individuals to their employment goal. The Plan is entered into Mobius. 
  3. Completion of the Learner Income Support Application for Full-Time Study to determine that program policies and financial eligibility criteria are met.

To qualify for income support and training benefits, an individual must meet all program policies and financial eligibility criteria.