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Learner Policy & Procedures

Published Date: August 01, 2011
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Learner Income Support Benefits

Health Benefits


ISTHB Regulation, Part 3, section 73 defines health benefits and the lists and agreements that govern them and
ISTHB Regulation, Part 3, section 74 provides authority for the Health Benefits Exception Committee (HBEC)
Health Benefits Exception Committee Ministerial Order, section 74


The Government of Alberta provides health benefits to eligible learners to ensure they have access to goods and services essential to health and well-being. Additional information on health benefits is available in the Health Benefits General Policy.

Health Benefits Card Coverage

Eligible members of the learner household will receive their health benefits through a health benefits card. The health benefits card provides coverage from day training starts until the last day of the month that the learner completes or leaves training. If a learner has dependent children, they are automatically enrolled into the Alberta Child Health Benefit (ACHB) program and will receive an ACHB card.

Learners are expected to use their health benefit card to obtain eligible health goods or services.

Certain groups receiving health benefits from other sources are not eligible for Government of Alberta health benefits, even though in some cases they may be eligible for Learner financial benefits.

  • eligible for health benefits from the federal government
  • sponsored immigrants, unless determined to be eligible for income support as a learner.

Health benefits, as defined, include:

Learners may submit an exception request to the Health Benefits Exception Committee (HBEC) for defined benefits not covered within the rules of the applicable agreements and drug lists.  Decisions of the HBEC are final.

Supplementary Health Benefits

Other goods and services, which may be health related, such as medical and surgical supplies, CPAP Machines and special diets may be provided as a Supplementary Health Benefit to learners eligible for income support.