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Published Date: May 01, 2018
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19 Administrative Procedures

Payment Methods and Processes


Payment Status Inquiries

To inquire about the payment status of a Central Cheque Processing (CCP), District Office Cheque (DOC) or voucher the worker will need to know the cheque number.

A DOC cheque has six digits and a CCP cheque has five digits.

Details of the cheque/voucher are available on: 

  • CCD: function 3 Case Information, option 8 Payment History, or 
  • LISA: function 11 Inquire Budget/Payment, or
  • Overnight report request.

Once the cheque number/voucher is known, the cheque history information can be found in CCD function 4 Financial Processing,  Option 1 Cheque Control

If the worker needs to find out about the status of a cheque/voucher that has already been purged from LISA, the worker can access the history information in CCD function 4 Financial Processing, Option 1 Cheque Control

If the file has been transferred, the new worksite is responsible for the disposition of the cheque/voucher.