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Learner Policy & Procedures

Published Date: July 09, 2018
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Financial Benefits Decision

Income – General



Income and Employment Supports Act, section 5(2)
Income Support, Training and Health Benefits (ISTHB) Regulation, sections 50 and 51
MO 302/2018 Federal Child Benefit Amounts (Advanced Education)
MO 2018-14 Federal Child Benefit Amounts (Labour)


Training is a joint responsibility between government, the learner, and the learner’s spouse. Where possible, learners are to contribute as much as possible financially to their training. However, certain types of income are fully or partially exempt to ensure that:

  • learners have incentives to earn money from employment
  • learners get the benefit of specific federal and provincial financial supports available to other Canadians
  • learners may have some resources they can use to purchase items that are not available through income support
  • dependent children are encouraged to save for post-secondary and/or technical training.


To be eligible as a full-time learner, an individual and their spouse/partner:

  • cannot have income (after all applicable exemptions have been given) that equals or exceeds their assessed needs over the funded period of study.

The learner’s needs are met through a combination of:

Core Essential + Core Shelter + Continuous and/or Non-continuous Supplementary Benefits + Tuition + Mandatory Fees + Student Association Fees + Books + Supplies + Health Benefits + High School Incentive Benefit + Handicap Benefit + for Non-EI learners the federal child benefit amount.

An individual and their spouse/partner, who are applying to attend training, must declare the total household income on their application.


The individual and their spouse/partner must complete the Learner Income Support Application (Full Time Study) and identify all forms of income.

Changes to Income During the Period of Training

Individuals provide information on projected monthly income when they complete their Learner Income Support Application (Full Time Study).

If the monthly income varies from the projection by more than $75 (more or less), the change must be reported by submitting a Change in Circumstance for Learners form.

By the end of training, learners are responsible for ensuring that any variation is reconciled. The learner will:

  • be paid if the income was overestimated, or
  • be required to pay the Government of Alberta if income was underestimated


The individual’s and their spouse/partner’s written statement and signatures on the Learner Income Support Application (Full Time Study) is considered as substantiation of the declared household income.

Documentation Requirements

Learners are responsible for keeping all financial records so they can verify all income and expenses if selected for an audit, or otherwise required to do so.

The following table identifies documentation for each type of income that should be kept.

Type of Income Individual’s Documentation
Employment Income (for the funded period of training)
  • name of employer

  • pay period

  • date pay was received

  • gross pay

  • description and amount of mandatory and statutory deductions

  • net pay

Income with no supporting documentation (e.g., tips, other casual employment)
  • member of household receiving income

  • source and type of income

  • pay period

  • date income was received

  • gross income

  • description and amount of deductions, if applicable

  • net income

Self Employment – Business or Farm
  • latest income tax assessment

  • audited financial statement

  • accounting books

  • receipts for income and expenses

  • business contract

Employment Insurance
  • direct deposit statement

  • EI stubs

  • statement from EI

Government Pensions
  • cheque stub

  • direct deposit statement

  • bank statement

  • latest income tax assessment

Private Pensions, Insurance and Retirement Savings
  • cheque stub

  • direct deposit statement

  • bank statement

  • statement from source

  • latest income tax assessment

Worker’s Compensation
  • cheque stub

  • direct deposit statement

  • written statement from WCB

Training Allowance
  • cheque stub

  • direct deposit statement

  • written statement from source

Scholarships, Bursaries
  • cheque stub

  • direct deposit statement

  • a written statement confirming the scholarship/bursary

  • written statement from payer

  • bank statement

Court/Voluntary Maintenance and Alimony
  • divorce judgment or support order/agreement

  • written statement from payer

Rental and Room and Board
  • latest income tax assessment

  • rent book

  • rent receipts

  • lease or rental agreement

Dividends, Interest, Royalties, Investments
  • cheque stubs

  • direct deposit statement

  • bank statement

  • written statement from payer, broker, bank

  • deeds, agreements, warrants, certificates, vouchers

  • latest income tax assessment

Registered Education Savings Plan
  • direct deposit statement

  • bank statement

  • written statement from payer, bank

Other (e.g., Money in Trust for Children, Gifts)
  • written statement from source or payer stating amount and recipient’s name

  • bank statement


Learner Benefit Coordinator, Learner Income Support Office