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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: February 06, 2014
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11 Income

On-Going Assistance

The worker determines if the applicant is eligible for ongoing IS assistance by using the Preliminary Budget screen in Eligibility Determination. The worker first calculates the family’s total monthly income using the net monthly employment income of the adults in the family unit, plus income that is not exempt. The worker then calculates the monthly basic necessities and compares this sum against the total monthly income. If the family’s total monthly income equals or exceeds the required monthly basic necessities, the applicant is not eligible for on-going assistance. The worker may want to consider the possibility of a One-Time Issue.

Income spent before an application is taken is not used to determine eligibility or in the calculation of benefits. Any funds remaining or income expected before the first benefit period is a liquid asset and is subject to asset exemption limits.

When adding a spouse/partner to an active file, any income of the spouse/partner that was spent before the spouse/partner is added to the file, is not used to determine eligibility. The household is considered as a recipient for the purpose of the treatment of employment income and an earnings exemption is applied. Income earned during the month after the EMP 2004 Notice of Eligibility is signed, is reported and used to determine the next month's benefits.

The worker may take an application from an applicant who is not in need at the time of application, but will be in need within a short time. For example, the applicant does not need assistance until the first of the month, but makes application five days before month-end. The application is dated for the first of the month. Income the applicant receives between the time the application is taken and the first benefit cheque issued is not used to determine the income support benefit issued the first of the month unless funds remaining exceed the allowable asset level for the client sub type.