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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: September 28, 2018
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19 Administrative Procedures

Payment Methods and Processes

Opening Bank Accounts With No or Limited Identification


Enable active Income Support clients with no or limited identification to open a bank account.


The direct deposit method of payment is mandatory for Income Support (IS) clients, unless specifically exempted.  Some clients are unable to open a bank account because of a lack of identification.

The Financial Client Payments & Revenue Division has an agreement in place with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). This agreement allows clients with limited or no identification, to establish a bank account using the EMP 2068 Signature Verification as their sole piece of identification.

The CIBC relies on Community and Social Services’ internal processes to establish the client’s identity for the purposes of determining eligibility for Income Support and establishing a bank account. The EMP 2068 Signature Verification is a negotiable document. Instructions for using this form are available in the Indemnity Agreement

This process is open to all clients, including new, reopen, and active files. Staff can review the monthly report of clients who do not have a bank account and can use this process to help clients obtain a bank account.

The completed signature verification form with appropriate signatures and two witnesses will be considered as the sole piece of identification. 


CIBC accounts can be opened at any branch in Alberta. A listing of CIBC branches, including fax numbers, is posted at  To search for the address and fax number for the branch closest to the client. Click on the "more search options" located on the right side.  Then type in the client's address and click "search" to bring up the branch address located nearest to the client's home.

If the client requires assistance to open a bank account, the worker:

  1. Signs out the EMP 2068 Signature Verification form, completes the EMP 0008 Signature Verification Log with all required details including the form number, the name of the client, file number, date of request, and identify on the log if the form will be used to open a bank account in the type field. The worker initials the log to verify removal of the form.
  2. Completes the EMP 2068 Signature Verification form with all the required details. The form is completed with appropriate signatures and witnesses (the client and two staff). Check the box on the right hand corner saying “open a bank account”.
  3. Encourages the client to discuss the rules of garnishment and service charges with the bank.
  4. Immediately faxes the EMP 2068 Signature Verification form with a fax cover sheet to the appropriate bank, ensuring the worker's name and phone number are clearly legible, and places the original form on the client’s file in section one.
  5. Provides the client with an EMP 2443 Direct Deposit Registration form.
  6. Advises the client that they need to inform the bank officials that a signature verification form was faxed over to help with opening their bank account.
  7. Requests the client return the completed EMP 2443 Direct Deposit Registration form to their worker before the next benefit period.
  8. Enters comments and a task in Mobius that they are waiting for the EMP 2443 Direct Deposit Registration form to be returned.
  9. Workers will follow-up with any clients who do not return the form.