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Published Date: May 01, 2018
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19 Administrative Procedures

Payment Methods and Processes


Third-Party Cheques

Third-party cheques are used only under the following circumstances:
  • Client has recently misused funds (i.e. shelter), or
  • Client requests payment be made directly to a vendor (i.e. treatment facility), and 
  • No other alternatives are feasible, and 
  • Client would otherwise be homeless or 
  • Client would be in jeopardy or not receiving a basic need (i.e. treatment or essential utilities).

The decision to use a third-party cheque for more than one consecutive period of assistance (POA) is reviewed by the worker every six months with the goal to have the client accept responsibility to pay their bills themselves. The worker will place a Task in Mobius for appropriate follow up and document the decision in Mobius Notes.

The client should be made aware that if their third party payee changes it is the client’s responsibility to inform the worker of this change.

The worker must ensure that the correct vendor has been selected as the payee for the third-party payment and that the appropriate identifying information is included on the cheque (i.e. in the Worker Message Area). This will aid the vendor (third-party) receiving the cheque to correctly allocate the payment.

To assist utility companies in identifying third-party utility payments, the cheque must include utility account number(s) and client name. Additional information may be included as appropriate, such as account holder name (if different than client name), utility service address and the client’s mailing or utility service address.