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Learner Policy & Procedures

Published Date: August 01, 2011
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Learner Income Support Benefits

Non-Continuous Supplementary Benefits

Child Care Deposit and Registration Fee


Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation, Schedule 4, section 16


To help ensure the safety and well being of children, the Government of Alberta assists with the costs associated with having children registered in a day care or day home.


A refundable child care deposit and/or a refundable or non-refundable registration fee is provided when:

  • it is required by the licensed or approved child care program from all parents, and
  • there are no other resources available.

The first child care refundable deposit and/or refundable/non-refundable registration fee is not recovered but subsequent child care deposits and/or registration fees issued for the same child or children are subject to repayment.

Deposits and registration fees are not issued for private babysitting.

A refunded deposit and/or registration fee is not treated as income.

Actual cost up to one month’s full child care fees (this is the unsubsidized amount that the child care provider charges for the child care space).


The learner submits either an EMP 5569 Learner Income Support Application (Full Time Study) or a Change in Circumstances form for Learners with an Additional Continuous Benefits form to the Learner Income Support Office (LISO) requesting the benefit.


A written statement from the licensed or approved child care provider stating the amount of the refundable deposit and/or refundable/non-refundable registration fee required.

Refer to Continuous Needs – Child Care Policy for additional information.


Learner Benefit Coordinator, LISO