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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: December 17, 2015
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19 Administrative Procedures

Abbreviations Used in this Manual

AAHB Alberta Adult Health Benefit
AADL Alberta Aids to Daily Living
AAO Alberta Association of Optometrists
ABC Alberta Blue Cross
ACB Alberta Child Benefit
ACHB Alberta Child Health Benefit
ACHBC Alberta Child Health Benefit Card
ADA Alberta Dental Association
ADM Assistant Deputy Minister
ADSC Alberta Dental Service Corporation
AFA Accountability Framework Agreement
AFSA Alberta Funeral Service Association
AHCIP Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan
AH Alberta Health
AHRDA Aboriginal Human Resources Development Agreement
AIMS Appeals Information Management System
AISH Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped
AJC Alberta Job Corps
ALIS Alberta Learning Information System
AOB Assignment of Benefits
AR Action Request
ARCD Alberta Rehabilitation Council for the Disabled
AS Administrative Support
ASBP Alberta Seniors Benefit Program
BF Bring Forward
BFE Barriers to Full Employment
CAD College of Alberta Denturists
CCB Canada Child Benefit
CCD Central Client Directory
CCP Central Cheque Processing (cheque)
CCTB Canada Child Tax Benefit Program
CDA Canadian Dental Association
CDAS Client Direction Administrative Support
CDB Child Disability Benefit
CDOC Central District Office Cheque
CEC Career Employment Consultant
CFS Child Financial Support
CFSA Child and Family Service Authority
CIC Citizenship and Immigration Canada
CIS Certificate of Indian Status Card
CNIB Canadian National Institute for the Blind
CPP Canada Pension Plan
CPP-D Canada Pension Plan Disability
CPP-R Canada Pension Plan Retirement
CRA Canada Revenue Agency
CRC Client Reporting Card
CSA Client Support Assessment
CSA Child Supplement Allowance
CSD Common Service Delivery
CSS Child Support Services
CT Client Type
CTB Child Tax Benefit
CUP Children of Unwed Parents
CYS Children and Youth Services
DATS Disabled Adult Transportation System
DBL Drug Benefit List
DC Disaster Services Cheque
DM Deputy Minister or District Manager
DO District Office
DOB Date of Birth
DOC District Office Cheque
DRES Disability Related Employment Supports
DV Disaster Services Voucher
EA Employability Assessment
EE Earnings Exemption
EI Employment Insurance
EOI End of Involvement
EP Employment Plan
ESL English as a Second Language
ESP Employment Skills Program
ET Executive Team
ETW Expected to Work
FCB Federal Child Benefit
FOIP Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
FOP Fine Option Program
FP Financial Processing
F/T Full Time
FV Full Verification
GIC Guaranteed Investment Certificate
GIS Guaranteed Income Supplement
GST Goods and Services Tax
HBC Health Benefits Card
HD Handwritten District Office Cheque
HH Head of Household
HQ Headquarters
HRSDC Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (associated with Service Canada)
HT Household Unit Type
ID Identification
IFDAA Independent Funeral Directors Association of Alberta
IESA Income and Employment Supports Act
IIR International and Intergovernmental Relations
IMAGIS Integrated Management Alberta Government Information System
IS Income Support
ISP Income Support Program
ISHTB Income Support, Training and Health Benefits
ISS Income Support Supervisor
ISCC Income Support Contact Centre
IT Information Technology
LAN Local Area Network
LMDA Labour Market Development Agreement
LDOC Local District Office Cheque
LIRA Locked-in Retirement Accounts
LISA Local Income Support Application
LISO Learner Income Support Office
MC Main Payment (processed before cut-off and printed centrally)
MD Main Payment (Processed after cut-off and printed centrally or at the Community and Social Services Office)
MEP Maintenance Enforcement Program
MLA Member of the Legislative Assembly
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MP Member of Parliament
NAJC Northern Alberta Job Corps
NCB National Child Benefit Program
NCBS National Child Benefit Supplement
OAS Old Age Security
OPG Office of the Public Guardian
PAA Pharmacists Association of Alberta
PCard Procurement Card
PDD Person with Developmental Disabilities
PGO Permanent Guardianship Order
PHN Personal Health Number
PID Personal Identification
POA Period of Assistance
P/T Part Time
PV Partial Verification
PVS Private Vocational School
QPP Quebec Pension Plan
RAPAR Recoveries, Administrative Penalties and Appeals Regulation
RAT Residential Addictions Treatment
RCD Resources for Children with Disabilities
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RESP Registered Educational Savings Plan
RRAP Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program
RR-AS Records Room – Administrative Support
RRIF Registered Retirement Income Funds
RRSP Registered Retirement Savings Plan
RWA Ready Willing and Able
SA Service Alberta
SC Service Centres
S/D Separated/Divorced
SDP Skills Development Program
SF Students Finance
SFSC Support and Financial Services Coordinator
SIN Social Insurance Number
SIS Skills Investment Strategy
SMART Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely (Investment Plan)
SP Service Plan
S/P Spouse/Partner
SU Supplemental Payment
TGO Temporary Guardianship Order
TOJ Training on the Job
VC Contract Voucher
VH Handwritten Voucher
VR Regular Voucher
WCB Workers’ Compensation Board