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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: September 28, 2012
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19 Administrative Procedures


File Discrepancies between LISA and CCD


To ensure correction of discrepancies between Local Income Support Application (LISA) and Central Client Directory (CCD).


The report SREP3710-1 File Numbers Active on LISA and Inactive on CCD identifies discrepancies between LISA and CCD. This report prints at the district offices where these discrepancies exist. This report prints by unit and caseload.

It is imperative that this report, when received is acted upon immediately to correct any errors and ensure that information entered in LISA is able to transmit to CCD.

Errors must be corrected prior to system closures on the 10th of each month.



Once the report is received, the worker reviews the information on both LISA and CCD as the status may have changed since the data was extracted for the report.

  1. Files Where Status, Application, Reopen and Closure Dates Now Match on LISA and CCD:
    No further action is required.
  2. Files Where LISA and CCD Match but there is a Difference in the Application/Reopen Date and/or Closure Date: 
    If both LISA and CCD are active but LISA has been closed and reopened without the previous start date updating CCD, or if both LISA and CCD are closed but the closure dates are different, the worker investigates further to determine the reason for the difference and if a data fix through Information Management & Technology Support is required.
  3. Files Where the LISA and CCD Status is Still Different:
    A condition exists that is preventing the data from successfully transmitting from LISA to CCD and the worker must take further action.
  • If the LISA file status is Waiting (W) the worker gets either the Income Support Supervisor of the Administrative Support (depending on the reason for the waiting status) to approve the file status to enable it to transmit to the mainframe (CCD).
  • If the LISA file status is Returned (R) or Approved (A), the worker investigates for a possible Permanent Interface Module (PIM) reject on the SIMP2400- 1 LISA/CCD Upload Exception report (LISA function 85) and takes corrective action to enable the file to transmit and update CCD.
The SREP3710-1 File Numbers Active on LISA and Inactive on CCD report is retained until the required corrective action has been completed. It is then disposed of as per the records scheduling authority outlined in the Data Control Manual.
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