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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: April 25, 2012
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19 Administrative Procedures

Reporting of Circumstances

Client Responsibilities


To ensure clients report changes in circumstances that may impact their eligibility.


IS clients are required to meet with a worker to authenticate their identity and establish their Automated Reporting for Clients (ARC) access.

The ARC system

Unless exempted by a supervisor, when ARC is used by the region, all IS clients are to use the ARC for monthly reporting of their circumstances. IS clients can report by telephone or through the web based computer system or can alternate between the two reporting systems.

Client Reporting Card (CRC)

The EMP 1886 Client Reporting Card remains as an additional tool for IS clients to report changes in their monthly circumstances when they have been exempted from ARC.

Exemption from Monthly Reporting

When exempted from monthly reporting, clients are required to report annually using the EMP 110 Annual Report or when requested by their worker.


Entering in ARC

IS clients will be provided with information from their worker on how to enter information in ARC. Clients can report either by phone by calling toll-free 1‑866‑232‑0214 or by website at Clients can choose to alternate between the two systems (from one month to the next) when reporting. When a client accesses the ARC (telephone or computer) system they will be required to enter a PIN and a file number which will be provided to them. They will then be required to respond to a series of questions either verbally (telephone system) or by keyboarding (web based system) which is used to determine on-going eligibility. The person will be answering these questions for their household unit and must report changes/income for their spouse/partner if applicable.

The worker is to advise clients to keep paystubs in case they are audited.

Completing the CRC

Clients that report their monthly circumstances using a CRC must:

  1. Fill out both sides of the CRC

  2. Answer all the questions on the CRC

  3. Report all income and attach proof of earnings and changes in other income

  4. Report all changes in their situation

  5. Sign and date the CRC

    Both the HH and Spouse or Cohabiting Partner, if applicable, must sign.

  6. Return their CRC as soon as they get their benefits unless they have employment earnings or a change in income.

    If the CRC is already submitted and a change in circumstances occurs, the client must contact their financial worker immediately.

    Client types 70s Alberta Adult Health Benefits, 80s One Time Issues do not return a CRC. The worker mayexempt a client from completing a CRC under specific conditions.