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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: November 12, 2019
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15 Administrative Procedures

Application Process

Intake Summary

The worker completes an Intake Summary and records all relevant information in the appropriate Mobius Notes section. 

The sections in the tables below are to be used as a guideline when assessing all Income Support (IS) applicants including one-time issue and rejected applicants. The sections may be used to organize intake summary notes in Mobius.

The worker only records information used to determine eligibility or ineligibility that is not recorded elsewhere (i.e., Service Plan).

Assessment of Presenting Circumstances
Relevant historical, current and future factors.

Section Information may include:
  • Composition of the household unit
  • Issues around child care arrangements
  • Custody and visits
  • Living arrangements
  • Presence or lack of support systems
  • Immigration status
  • Other issues relating to the household unit


  • Physical and mental health concerns of any household member which may impact employment or training plans, the client or the issuing of benefits.

  • Information about relevant previous employment and training, potential for future employment or training, or other relevant information.
  • May include a summary or further details about the applicant’s education, training, skills and employment.

  • Date of last pay
  • Non-mandatory deductions
  • Whether applicant is expecting vacation pay
  • Details about EI application
  • When applicant is expecting to be paid
  • Frequency of pay
  • Sources and amounts of income not clearly identified on LISA
  • Alternate sources of income which have been tried
  • Child/adult support orders or agreements

  • Composition of the household unit
  • Liquid Assets
  • RRSP’s
  • Temporarily Exempted Assets
  • Life Insurance
  • Vehicles
  • Other Assets
  • Equity in assets
  • Accessibility of assets
  • Documentation or action required of the client to clarify, substantiate or dispose of the asset

Other Information
  • Essential information not documented elsewhere (i.e., child support if more than one respondent, who is paying and what amounts; a record of viewed ID numbers when application is taken outside of the Service Centre; consultation with supervisor.

Eligibility Decision and Action to be Taken

Section Information to include:
Eligibility Eligible
  • The month and dates for which benefits are being issued
  • Reason(s) for partial, pro-rating, or lack of issuing of a particular benefit
  • Reason(s) for an expected closure if applicant requires only one month’s assistance
  • Indicate whether the applicant was advised of the right to appeal
Not Eligible
  • The reason why the applicant is ineligible for benefits (i.e., excess assets or income; further documentation or personal identification required; referred to other resources)
  • Indicate whether the applicant was advised of the right to appeal

Action to be Taken
  • Outline any expectations including time the client will require benefits or will require a review of circumstances.
  • Any other information essential to determine further benefits or eligibility.