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Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: October 19, 2007
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19 Administrative Procedures



The codes in this section do not appear in LISA.

A two-digit code identifying the reason for an alert being placed

01 Approach with caution 21 Investigation
02 Health concerns 23 Non-Compliance
03 Eligibility concerns 24 Student Funding
04 Out-of-Province IS concerns 25 Relocation
05 Out-of-Province CW concerns 26 Recovery
06 Child Welfare Concerns 27 Sponsored Immigrant
07 Aboriginal Organizations 28 Non-Compliant with CSS
08 AISH Asset Limit Exceeded 29 Underpayment Owing

Alias Type

A two-digit code identifying the reason(s) for more than one name being registered for the client

00 Registered Name 08 Gender Change
01 Not Specified 09 Misrepresentation/False ID
02 Maiden Name 10 Stolen ID
03 Partner/Spouse Surname 11 Reversed Name
04 Different/Shortened Given Name 12 Legal Name
05 Alternative Spelling 13 CCTB Information
06 Registered Indian 14 Temporary SIN
07 Previous Legal Name

Electronic File

A one digit code identifying the system location of the client’s electronic file

1 LISA site
2 CCD (mainframe)

File Current Status

A one letter code identifying the current status of the client’s file

A Active
C Closed
N Non-Service
P Pending

Involvement Role

A two letter code identifying the role of each registered person in relation to a specific file

GD Guardian of Child in Need (historical information only)
HH Head of Household
PT Parent of Child in Need (historical information only)
SP Spouse/Partner

Involvement Status

A one letter code identifying the status of a registered person’s involvement in relation to a specific file

A Active
C Closed
D Deleted from Active File
N Non-Service
P Pending

Restrict Authority

A one-digit code identifying the extent to which access to the electronic file information is restricted

1 Caseload
2 Unit
3 District Office
4 Region
5 Province


A one letter code appearing after the file number if a file is restricted, to remind the viewer the file is restricted and other users may not be able to view the same information.

R Restricted