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Learner Policy & Procedures

Published Date: January 02, 2020
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Learner Income Support Benefits

Director Approval


Income and Employment Supports Act, sections 2 and 5(1)(c)
Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation, Schedule 4, section 28
Delegation of Minister's Authority to Directors/Staff Ministerial Order (Labour and Immigration)
Delegation of Minister's Authority to Directors/Staff Ministerial Order (Advanced Education)


To be able to provide a benefit that is not fully addressed in the regulation or policy, and without which there is a high likelihood the learner will be unable to complete their training.


A benefit may be issued if ALL of the following conditions are met:

  • the need is not fully addressed in the Act or Regulations, and
  • the need is not fully covered by policy, and
  • the need is considered essential to the health, well-being or the move towards independence of the member of the learner household, and
  • all non-departmental appeal avenues have been exhausted, and
  • there are no other resources, and
  • the least cost alternative is used.

Director Approval requests are considered on a case-by case basis.

This section does not apply to the authority of the Executive Director responsible for learners under the Income and Employment Supports Act for health benefits issued under Part 3 of the ISTHB Regulation, and for Special Diets (ISTHB Schedule 4, Section 21).

To determine whether a benefit is a Health Benefit, or where authority comes from to make a specific decision, refer to the Authority Chart. These benefits are provided under the authority of the Minister and Appeal Panels have no authority to rule with respect to benefits issued under the authority of the Minister.

Information on health related benefits and services can be found at Tools and Resources – Health Benefits. The site includes Guidelines for Director Approval of Medical Procedures and Complementary Health Therapies.


Least cost alternative, no upper limits. 


The Learner Benefit Coordinator may ask for substantiation from a reliable source outlining:

  • Specific need and reason, and
  • Duration of the need.


  1. The learner submits a Change in Circumstances form for Learners to the Learner Income Support Office (LISO) requesting the benefit.
  2. If the benefit is a Health Benefit, LISO will forward the request to the Executive Director responsible for Health Benefits for learners under the Income and Employment Supports Act. 
  3. If the request is not related to Health Benefits, the Learner Benefit Coordinator records the necessary information in Mobius Notes including:
    • requested benefit (including how the request conforms to conditions outlined in policy),
    • rationale for the request (including what other options the learner has pursued), and
    • amount of the benefit.
  4. The Learner Benefit Coordinator sends a request to the Manager or Director of LISO for approval.
  5. Based on the Director or Manager's decision, the Learner Benefit Coordinator takes appropriate action and notes the approval or rejection in Mobius and enters Notes on the evidence screen.



The Manager or Director of the Learner Income Support Office
This authority cannot be sub-delegated to a designate.
The Income and Employment Supports Appeal Panel does not have the authority to alter the decision of the Director.