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Employment & Training Programs and Services

Published Date: June 08, 2022
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Career & Employment Information Services

Individual Plan


Income and Employment Supports Act, Section 26
Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation, Sections 44, 45 and 46
Government Organization Act
Labour Market Development Agreement
Workforce Development Agreement
*Note: Labour Market Transfer Agreements (LMTAs) refer to the LMDA and WDA


To provide general direction and consideration for the creation, management, and closure of an Individual Plan.


An Authorized Official creates an Individual Plan in collaboration with an Individual seeking Career and Employment Information Services programs and services. The plan is informed by a recognized assessment.

An Individual Plan is a record of the activities the individual agrees to actively participate in to achieve a specific goal.

Plan Management

Plan Management is the support an Authorized Official provides to an individual through the provision, monitoring, and completion of services. Plan Management includes:

  • maintaining contact and providing supports to the individual,
  • reviewing how well the individual's needs are being met,
  • reviewing participation in services and progress toward completion of services and activities (as outlined in the Individual’s Plan),
  • identifying issues that are affecting the individual's ability to successfully complete steps (as outlined in the Individual’s Plan),
  • providing needed supports directly, or referring the Individual to appropriate community services,
  • following up to confirm completion of the Individual’s Plan, and
  • recording outcome information as specified by the Government of Alberta.


  • Individuals utilizing unassisted services or aggregate level services only are not involved in Plan Management i.e. attending a job fair, accessing information or self-serve options.
  • One or more Authorized Officials may contribute to the contents and management of an Individual Plan.
  • Individuals have only one active Individual Plan in a computer system at a time.

Plan Closure

Individual plans should be closed when:

  • all plan activities are complete, including follow ups; or
  • the individual indicates they no longer want to receive services; or
  • the plan is dormant (no active service delivery or contact with the client for more than 90 days)


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Career & Employment Information Services

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