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Published Date: April 01, 2016
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Career & Employment Information Services

Service Plan


Income and Employment Supports Act, Section 26
Income Support, Training and Health Benefits Regulation, Sections 44, 45 and 46


A Service Plan is required for the provision of services and payments to individuals. A Service Plan is intended to cover the entire plan or intervention period. The Service Plan is developed as a result of an assessment.

The purpose of a Service Plan is to support an individual to achieve a specific goal.

A Service Plan Agreement may be created by a Government of Alberta Authorized Official to describe and record the mutual agreement between the Government of Alberta and the individual about the specific activities to be undertaken to attain the desired goal(s).


The Government of Alberta uses service management as a strategy for coordinating the provision of services to individuals within the system. At a client level, service management is expected to be a client-centered, goal-oriented process for assessing the need of an individual for particular services and obtaining those services. At an organizational level, service management is expected to include a record of client needs, service(s)/intervention(s) recommendations, services obtained, interventions completed and outcomes achieved.

Development and implementation of the Service Plan may involve collaboration and coordination among one or more Authorized Officials. Each individual registered on Mobius has only one active Service Plan.

Key Components of a Service Plan are:

  • Goal – the primary objective or desired outcome of the Service Plan;
  • Sub Goal(s) – each goal may be broken into smaller parts called sub-goals;
  • Plan Items – are the agreed upon steps necessary to attain the individual’s goals. Plan items include any required programs and services;
  • Service Agreement – is the written agreement between the individual and the Authorized Official. It reflects the collaborative agreement between the two parties on the Service Plan.

The Service Plan provides the basis for service management, including follow-up activities and reporting of outcomes.

The individual and the Authorized Official must agree with the Service Plan in order to proceed with implementation.

The individual’s agreement, along with the date on which the individual agreed, must be recorded in Mobius.

Service agreements should be created and tailored to communicate Service Plan expectations:

  • Authorized Officials have the option to increase or decrease the volume of service plan items printed on the service agreement. Authorized Officials are prompted to choose a date from the calendar that reflects the time period from which the service plan items are to be captured. Mobius will include plan items from the start date indicated.
  • Authorized Officials may also indicate whether or not they wish to have completed plan items included on the desired service agreement. Progress to-date on service plans may be demonstrated to the client by having completed plan items included on the service agreement.


The Service Plan is recorded on Mobius.

To commence the development of the Service Plan:

  • the individual must be registered on Mobius;
  • an assessment must be completed that identifies the needs to be addressed by the Service Plan.

    Although not mandatory, it is considered a best practice to have the individual sign a printed copy of the Service Agreement, place the signed copy on file, and provide the individual with a copy of the Service Plan.

Service Plan Employment Goal

  • Records the individual’s current goal and the history of any changes to goal(s) identified in the Service Plan.
  • The Authorized Official is responsible for the service management of an individual and is also responsible for entering any goal changes.

Service Plan Steps

  • Record of the details of the Service Plan, the Authorized Official involved, expected end date, status and outcome.
  • Include the steps and Sub-Goals in a Service Plan that are directly related to proposed or in progress training, and all services (including career consulting activities, etc.) identified in collaboration between the individual and the Authorized Official(s). The amount of detail will depend on the individual’s particular needs.
  • A service plan can only be viewed by Authorized Officials.
  • More than one Authorized Official may enter learner activities and services on the active Service Plan. The Service Plan is essential to recording all activities.
  • The outcome and status of the outcome (employment goal or further training), is recorded in the plan.

For further information on Mobius operating guidelines see the online Mobius User Guide.