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Employment & Training Programs and Services

Published Date: June 08, 2022
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Career & Employment Information Services


Employment Insurance Act
Government Organization Act
Income and Employment Supports Act, section 15(1)(a) to (j)
Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA)
Workforce Development Agreement (WDA)
*Note: Labour Market Transfer Agreements (LMTAs) refers to the LMDA and WDA


To provide general direction and considerations for Authorized Officials to use recognized assessments for the provision of programs and services including Career and Employment Information Services and the Income Support Program.


The purpose of an assessment is to determine an individual’s strengths, needs and the programs and services that may be most helpful for the individual in moving towards sustainable employment.

Authorized Officials use recognized assessments to gather current and accurate information and evidence to:

  • create a plan with a goal that requires active participation on the part of the individual, and/or
  • verify program or service eligibility, and/or
  • substantiate the delivery of programs and services or for plan management decisions and progression towards employment.

Assessments are available to Albertans who are not attending an education program under the Education Act (kindergarten – grade 12)

A finished Assessment informs an Authorized Official of an individual’s needs and potential eligibility for:

  • employment services/supports, and/or
  • information and community resources, and/or
  • the completion of additional assessment(s).

An individual must be notified of their right to a review of decision when a decision is made that affects their eligibility for programs or services.

Note: An assessment is finished the day it is started to ensure current and accurate information is used in decision making. A Specialized Client Assessment is the exception and may not be completed within the same day.

Recognized Assessments

The following assessments are recognized by Government of Alberta Authorized Officials:

  • Employability Assessment (EA) and the Employment Readiness Assessment (ERA)
    • The EA and the ERA are administered by an Authorized Official to identify an individual’s strengths and barriers to support labour market attachment.
  • Service Needs Determination (SND)
    • A SND is administered by an Authorized Official to identify appropriate programs and services an individual may need to access.
  • Specialised Client Assessment (SCA)
    • A SCA is administered by a certified person to confirm the nature of a disability and make recommendations for accommodations or supports.
    • An assessment completed by an Authorized Official is a prerequisite for a SCA.


Specialised Client Assessment (SCA)

A SCA is an “in-depth” analysis of a client’s educational, vocational, medical, intellectual, or psychological capabilities. An Authorized Official makes a referral for a SCA to a certified professional based on the results of a completed assessment.

An SCA conducted by certified professionals:

  • confirms the nature of a disability or barrier,
  • makes recommendations for accommodations or supports required by the client to enable them to participate in education or labour market training programs and to obtain and maintain employment.
    • Examples of certified professionals may include but are not limited to, a chartered psychologist or occupational therapist.

The Government of Alberta may enter into an agreement with education, training and or service providers to provide specialized assessment services. The agreement will identify the specific services to be provided for Government of Alberta clients over a specific time period for a specific fee. The Government of Alberta standard procurement procedures apply.

Consent to Disclose Personal and/or Health Information (ISO11902)
Types of Specialized Assessments


Mobius Users

Compass Users

  • Employment Readiness Assessment Tooltips in Compass


Review of Decision


Career & Employment Information Services  Individual Plan
Disability Related Employment Supports (DRES)  


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