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Employment & Training Programs and Services

Published Date: June 09, 2021
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Career & Employment Information Services

Assessment Overview

Government Organization Act
Income and Employment Supports Act


To provide guidelines applying to assessments administered by Government of Alberta Authorized Officials for the provision of programs and services including Employment & Training Programs and Services and the Income Support Program.


The purpose of assessment is to determine an individual’s strengths, needs and the programs and services that may be most helpful for the individual in moving towards sustainable employment.

An assessment may verify program eligibility, and support substantiation of service management decisions and progression towards employment.

An Assessment provides evidence used by Authorized Officials in collaboration with an individual to create a Service Plan with a goal that requires active participation on the part of the individual.

Assessments are conducted to ensure current and accurate information is collected and used by Authorized Officials to substantiate the delivery of programs and services.

Assessments administered by Government of Alberta Authorized Officials are:

Assessment is described in two types:


Counsel to Leave Employment

Reduced Course Load 

IS General Eligibility Rules 

Service Plan 

Service Management 

Ready, Willing and Able 

Disability Related Employment Supports (DRES) 

International Qualification Assessment Service (IQAS)