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Income and Employment Supports Act

Published Date: January 01, 2004
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Part 3 Training Programs and Providers (Sections 19-26)

Section 26 Regulations

The Minister may make regulations
  1. respecting the approval of training programs;

  2. respecting standards a training provider is to meet in carrying out its functions and the procedures and practices to be followed by the training provider;

  3. respecting the funding of approved training programs and the terms and conditions of the funding;

  4. respecting the certification and licensing required by a training provider;

  5. respecting records that a training provider is required to maintain;

  6. respecting the attendance or withdrawal from an approved training program by a learner;

  7. respecting other requirements a training provider is required to comply with;

  8. respecting the maximum number of learners that may participate in an approved training program;

  9. respecting the security that is required to be provided by a training provider and the terms and conditions for forfeiture of the security.