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Employment & Training Programs and Services

Published Date: June 30, 2022
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Career & Employment Information Services

Resource Centre

Government Organization Act
Labour Market Transfer Agreements


To provide general direction and considerations for a Resource Centre (Centre) in the provision of information, employment services and supports to help individuals and employers achieve employment goals and resource needs.

A Centre is an element of Career and Employment Information Services and serves as a point of entry for individuals to access career resources, information services, and employment supports.
A Centre provides access to:

  • Current, timely and quality local labour market information, trends and resources;
  • Government and community resource information and services;
  • Career, occupational, employment, business and educational resources and services to help individuals achieve career, educational or employment goals;
  • Authorized Officials who assist individuals in work search, accessing community resources, career planning, and making informed career, employment, learning and business decisions; and
  • Opportunities to gain skills to be successful and self-reliant, improve employability, and achieve employment outcomes.



Eligible Individuals
A Centre is for all Albertans, including those who are:

  • Employed, unemployed, marginally employed, or self-employed
  • Facing labour market transitions, considering a career change, or exploring new career and employment opportunities
  • Employers
  • Students in the K-12 and post-secondary education systems
  • Participating in Government of Alberta (GoA) programs and services
  • Under-represented individuals, including Indigenous, youth, immigrants, and/or persons with disabilities

Expectations of an Individual using a Centre are to:

  • Utilize the Centre for its intended purpose,
  • Co-operate and abide by Centre guidelines, and
  • Co-operate and collaborate with staff providing services.

Centre Use
An individual’s access to a Centre is voluntary and may occur in a variety of methods such as in-person, online, phone or electronic mail. Individuals may choose to end their use of a Centre at any time. An individual that does not meet expectations for utilizing a Centre may have access limited or refused.

Individuals may access a Centre as many times as needed for as long as services offered by a Centre are needed.

Expected Individual Outcomes
Individual outcomes from the use of Centre services may include but are not limited to:

  • Enhanced knowledge and self-reliance for making informed labour market decisions
  • Enhanced knowledge and skills in using the resources available within a Centre to support information gathering and employment goals
  • Increased awareness and use of GoA programs and services and community resources

Centre Characteristics

  • A Centre is individual-focused and service-oriented, offering self-serve services, resources, and access to Authorized Officials for supported navigation of resources
  • May be physically located in a community setting or may serve a community through remote or virtual delivery
  • Must meet appropriate accessibility standards (e.g., accessible by persons with disabilities)

Requirements of a Centre

  • Provide individuals with access to resources and self-directed services
  • Provide information services and supports, including how to access:
    • Government and community resources and services
    • Career/educational planning tools and resources
    • Local labour market, labour market trends, and employer connections (e.g., job fairs, industry events, etc.)
    • Local, provincial and out of province training and education programs
    • Online job banks and physical job boards on-site
    • Alberta careers, learning, and employment information – alis
    • Supports for the completion of GoA applications and forms (e.g., employment, IS, AISH, etc.), resume writing, and work search activities
    • Equipment and information technology including fax machines, photocopiers, printers, client telephones, computers and the Internet
  • Collect and report performance indicators including but not limited to:
    • The number of individuals accessing the Centre for services
    • The number of services accessed
    • Service volume counts using the approach of one visit equals one count


Note: Self-serve/self-directed services do not require an individual to register in a GoA system.

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R14. No/Light Touch (N/LT) Interventions - LMTA UPDATE

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