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Employment & Training Programs and Services

Published Date: June 09, 2021
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Career & Employment Information Services

Alberta Works Centres


The Alberta Works Centres are an element of the Career Information Program. The purpose of the Alberta Works Centres is to:

  • provide guided assistance to quality labour market information,
  • provide work search assistance and other information and services to individual Albertans and the local community,
  • to assist Albertans in making informed career and employment decisions, and
  • to assist Albertans in gaining the skills to be successful and self reliant.

The Alberta Works Centres are a part of a multi channel network that includes Career Information Hotline, the ALIS website, and the Government of Alberta print and electronic resources.

The Alberta Works Centres are a point of entry service located in Alberta and Canada – Alberta Service Centres that provide Albertans with current, timely and accessible labour market, career planning and work search information and assistance.

The objectives of Alberta Works Centres are:

  • To provide Albertans with access to the information and resources they need to make well informed, career, education, employment and business decisions.
  • To provide assistance to Albertans to prepare for, train for, find and keep employment.
  • To increase awareness of information on the Government of Alberta and related government programs and services and community resources.
  • To increase self-sufficiency of Albertans and to decrease dependence on government income support.


Eligible Individuals

The Alberta works Centres are designed to serve Albertans, including employers, who require information and assistance to meet their career, occupational, learning, work search and business needs and make labour market decisions.

Alberta Works Centres services target Albertans who are employed or unemployed, may be facing labour market transitions and are usually 15 years of age and older including, but not limited to:

  • individuals participating in Government of Alberta programs and services
  • Aboriginals, youth, immigrants, persons with disabilities
  • individuals eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) or Workers Compensation Board (WCB)
  • students in the Kindergarten to Grade 12 and post-secondary education system
  • employed Albertans considering a career change
  • employers and employees
  • the Government of Alberta delivery staff and the staff of service delivery partners

Requirements of Individuals

Individuals are expected to meet the following conditions:

  • utilize Alberta Works Centres services for career and employment purposes
  • abide by local Alberta Works Centres guidelines for access, scheduling and appropriate use of equipment and computer technology
  • strive for self-reliance in meeting their basic needs and pursuing employment
  • be courteous interacting with staff and other clients
  • collaborate with the staff person providing guided assistance in order to provide the most appropriate service
  • provide personal and confidential information on a voluntary basis
  • monitor children who accompany them
  • participate in providing feedback and honest evaluations of services received, if requested.

Eligible Service Providers

Alberta Works Centres are an essential component of full service Alberta Service Centres and Canada-Alberta Service Centres and are not provided by a service provider. However, community partnership opportunities exist to provide career and employment information and resources within community settings.

Under Contract-based procurement (third-party contracts), service providers who compete on a Request for Proposals (RFP) and whose Proposal has been accepted through the Government of Alberta standard contracting procedures, provide the defined service over a specified time period. All terms and conditions are specified in the fee-for-service contract.

Requirements of Service Providers

Service Providers are expected to fulfill the terms set out in their contract.

Service Components

The Alberta Works Centres provide services to individuals in the following four areas:

  1. Information

    The Alberta Works Centres provide:
    • guided assistance by knowledgeable staff in the selection, understanding and interpretation of a broad range of labor market information and products
    • information and access to the Government of Alberta's programs, service providers and relevant community services
    • referral to other government programs and services
    • access to information including but not limited to a provincially approved Core Collections and Recommended Collections (currently under development)
    • access to information available in multi media format, i.e. video, audio, electronic and print materials.

  2. Work Search

    The Alberta Works Centres provide access to:
    • Canada-Alberta Job Order Bank Services and other online job boards information and feedback on writing resumes and cover letters and access to word processing and resume writing software
    • equipment including fax machines, photocopiers, and client telephones
    • technology including computer and Internet access.

  3. Career Planning

    The Alberta Works Centres provide access to:
    • information on occupational profiles and labor market trends
    • career planning software and self-assessment tools
    • information on local, provincial and out of province training and education programs
    • technology including computer and Internet access.

  4. Community Connections

    The Alberta Works Centres provide:
    • local labour market information and employer connections
    • information/brochures on Government of Alberta service providers
    • Alberta Works Centres tours and group use
    • external presentations on Alberta Works Centres and other Government of Alberta services, information and products
    • participation in and may lead Canada Career Week activities, and other Delivery Events.

Service Requirements 

All Alberta Works Centres must meet minimum standards.

The minimum standards established for Alberta Works Centres are:

  • Alberta Works Centres are client centered, service oriented multi media centres that are effective, accessible and responsive to the unique needs of the community that it serves
  • professional guided assistance (i.e. Career Advisor, Career and Employment Consultant) is available to clients in the Alberta Works Centres
  • staff support in regard to administrative duties is provided as needed
  • Alberta Works Centres contain equipment and information technology to support the resources and services offered including computers with Internet access, printers, fax and photocopy machines and client telephone access for local and long distance. Multimedia equipment such as DVDs, TVs, VCRs and audio equipment is also recommended.
  • materials or resources within Alberta Works Centres are accessible to people with disabilities
  • Albertans are not required to register with the Government of Alberta to access Albert Works Centres services
  • information resources include the provincially approved Core Collections
  • information technology including department standard computer hardware and software is provided to support work search (i.e. resume development), education planning (i.e. internet access) and career planning (i.e. self assessment career planning software/tools)
  • the number of equipment and staffing resources needed to support the minimum standards is a regional delivery responsibility.

Alberta Works Centres must include appropriate signage indicating sections of information and services to assist Albertans to effectively use the Alberta Works Centres.

Alberta Works Centres strive to meet the Career and Labour Market Information Service Delivery Guidelines developed by the Forum of Labour Market Ministers, March 2003.

Performance Measures and Standards

The expected outcomes of Alberta Works Centres are that Albertans are satisfied with the information and services delivered in Alberta Works Centres in the following areas:

  • applying labour market information to manage successful transitions
  • identifying potential employment, education and training opportunities
  • looking for work
  • researching career and occupational goals
  • self-assessment activities.

The desired outcomes for Alberta Works Centres services are:

  • enhanced knowledge and skills in the areas described above
  • reduced dependency on government funding and to become or retain self- sufficiency (Alberta Works Centres services support clients in work search activities and researching suitable employment and training goals)

Specifically, the Government of Alberta to assess the success of Alberta Works Centres use the following measures:

  • Provincially determined percentage (%) of clients who access Alberta Works Centres services are satisfied with the services received.

The Government of Alberta's Skills Investment program outcomes and performance measures/standards are under review.


Community partnerships are an opportunity to partner with an organization to provide select labour market information and resources in a community setting such as a public school, library or other public institution. The intent is to make labour market information more accessible to the targeted user, i.e. to students in an school, public library users.

A community partnership is an option to provide career and employment information:

  • it is located in a community setting external to a Government of Alberta Service Centre
  • it is a partnership agreement between the Government of Alberta and another organization
  • it offers a selection of career, occupational and educational resources
  • it may not offer guided assistance by professional staff
  • it is not the responsibility of the Government of Alberta to manage or maintain the operation.

Monitoring of Service

Community and Social Services Employment Services Delivery Regions are primarily responsible for monitoring Alberta Works Centres services to:

  • ensure Alberta Works Centres policies and guidelines are utilized in determining regional staffing allocations and resources
  • identify ongoing and emerging issues to the Alberta Works Centres Provincial Advisory Committee
  • determine the need for regional best practices committees.

The Government of Alberta's Community Strategies and Workforce Supports Division is responsible for:

  • collaborating with Corporate Services in reviewing Alberta Works Centres statistics to report on the number of Alberta Works Centres services accessed
  • reviewing any issues or concerns in relation to provincial policies and guidelines, in consultation with the Employment Services Delivery Division
  • making adjustments to Alberta Works Centres policies and guidelines where required.

Monitoring Individual Participation
Alberta Works Centres are required to report in person service volume counts using the approach of one visit equals one count. For visits by a group, each individual in the group would be counted as one visit.  These counts are recorded in Information Services in Mobius.


Alberta Works Centres services are available to all Albertans as needed. Albertans may access the Alberta Works Centres as many times as they want. However, Alberta Works Centres may set limits on individual access to computers and other equipment and services to provide reasonable access for all users.

Service Evaluation

Provincial program evaluations will be carried out in partnership with Government of Alberta Community Strategies and Workforce Support, Employment Services Delivery and Corporate Services Division. Service Delivery regions may use provincially approved client satisfaction survey instruments to assess and monitor Alberta Works Centres performance specific to their region. 

Procurement Methods

Alberta Works Centres are provided by Government of Alberta staff and are located in communities throughout Alberta.

Employment Service Delivery Regions are responsible for:

  • articulating service guidelines to ensure reasonable access to timely assistance for Alberta Works Centres
  • ensuring an adequate number of competent staff is available to provide the support and assistance required.

Alberta Works Centres will be located across regions in all full service Government of Alberta Service Centres. The Government of Alberta must use one name to describe labour market information services. The name we will currently use is "Alberta Works Centres".

Individual Alberta Works Centres are expected to monitor service provision to ensure it meets identified regional service guidelines. Extended service hours are encouraged where the community demand has been identified and the staffing resources are available.

The Government of Alberta may engage in community partnerships to provide selected career, occupational and educational resources. See Appendix A within this document for more information.


Service Access/Entrance

To access Alberta Works Centres services an individual self refers or is referred from a number of sources within the Government of Alberta and from the community. Training providers and other service providers are encouraged to refer individuals who may benefit from Alberta Works Centres services.

Individual Albertans are considered self-directed as to the choice of service that most suits their needs. Guided assistance is provided in response to requests for labour market, career and employment information and services.

Service Exit

An individual may choose to discontinue accessing Alberta Works Centres services at any time. An individual may have identified the information, completed the research, updated his or her resume or identified a career or employment goal and have no further service needs. An individual is free to access services at another location or at a later date.

  • Service volume counts using the approach of one visit equals one count are recorded in Information Services in Mobius.


Appendix A: Glossary of Terms

  • Labour Market Information
    The information needed to make a labour market decision. This includes career, occupational, learning, work search, trends, and other labour market information used by job seekers, employees, employers, students, learners, organizations or individuals who provide services, and other Albertans.
  • Guided Assistance
    Is providing expertise, knowledge and assistance by professional staff in locating, understanding, interpreting, and applying labour market information.
  • Self-directed
    Is voluntary access to information and services usually requiring some guided assistance.
  • Self-serve
    Is access to information without the assistance or guidance by knowledgeable staff.
  • Multi-channel
    Is in-person, Internet and telephone channels of communication.
  • Multi-media
    Is the presentation of information in audio, visual, print formats.
  • Competent
    Is having the knowledge skills and attitudes to perform specific role i.e. guided assistance.