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Published Date: October 03, 2022
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Registration/Service Management

R14. No/Light Touch (N/LT) Interventions - LMTA UPDATE

A product provider or a service location staff is required to track and record in Mobius the aggregate count of individuals who have participated in a No Touch or Light Touch (N/LT) intervention/activities in Mobius.


Employment and training services are recorded in Mobius to ensure accountability of public spending and to meet the federal performance measurement requirements under the Labour Market Transfer Agreements (LMTAs). This information is used for both planning and reporting purposes.

No Touch or Light Touch activities (also known as unassisted services) are characterized by the following:

  • Involve little to no interaction with an individual;
  • No follow-up is expected; and
  • Not feasible to collect individual-level data.

Examples of N/LT activities include career and employment service workshops, delivery events and visitors to an Alberta Works/Supports Centres or Resource Centres to access information, self-serve services and resources (i.e. job board, publications, computers, etc.)

When an individual participates in more than one N/LT activity, that individual can be counted more than once.


  1. Tracking Participation.
    Follow your office procedures for tracking an aggregate count of the number of individuals participating in N/LT activities.
    Examples of tracking participation may include online registration, RSVP, sign-in sheet, daily tally of visitors, etc. The key task is to keep track of the number of individuals who participated in a service/event or who accessed self-service resources.
    The total count of all N/LT activities is to be entered into Mobius on a monthly basis, in a timely manner, normally before the 5th of the following month.
  2. Recording Aggregate Count in Mobius. 
    In Mobius, N/LT activities are referred to as Information Services. There are three types of Information Services; the process for searching, entering, modifying and deleting the three types of Information Services is the same. The information required for each type is different.
    • To enter N/LT activities, users access the Shortcut menu in the Workspace tab, click on Registration and then choose Information Service. Next, users select the appropriate type of Information Services to be recorded.

 For internally delivered services, select:

a) Alberta Supports Centre, or
b) Delivery Event.

For externally delivered services select:

c) Information Services by Contracted Service Providers

    • Before entering any new information, a search is done to ensure that a record does not already exist.
    • If a record does not exist, users click on Continue and enter the mandatory and required fields on the Data Capture screen and select Save.
    • Users should correct any data errors in Mobius in a timely manner when noticed or upon notification that corrective action is required. Records can be edited or deleted (removed) using the action menu for the appropriate record.
    • Ensure the cumulative participant count is entered into Mobius on or before the 5th of the month following the month in which the service was provided.
      (i.e. if a service/event occurs in January, ensure data entry is completed on or before the 5th of February).
      • If timely, monthly reporting is not feasible, data must be entered and align with fiscal year reporting (April to March).
      • The fiscal year cut off date for LMTA annual reporting is June 8th.
      • It is recommended that contracted service providers, who have N/LT activities are listed as a deliverable, enter a zero for each month in which no services were provided.
    • If GOA service delivery staff are entering information into Mobius on behalf of an external organization/product provider, the aggregate count is to be entered using the Information Services by Contracted Service Providers link.