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Employment & Training Programs and Services

Published Date: May 04, 2011
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Career & Employment Information Services



Career and Employment Services include the following components:

Career and Employment Services help Albertans to understand the labour market, to make informed career decisions, develop realistic education, training and employment plans and to prepare for, find and maintain work.

Career and Employment Services uses a client-centered, individualized and collaborative approach. This approach includes:

  • Assisting individuals to assess their strengths, abilities and learning needs.
  • Assisting individuals to learn about the labour market, occupational choices, work search and career planning.
  • Encouraging individuals to make well-informed decisions about their education, training and career goals.
  • Assisting individuals to develop a Service Plan that matches individual career and employment needs and goals.
  • Supporting and assisting individuals in managing transitions from school to work/work to school and within the labour market.
  • Establishing, delivering and maintaining quality labour market information services within local communities.
  • Encouraging individuals to engage in self-directed activities such as self-assessment and accessing a wide range of labour market, career and educational information services. Self-directed services are available through the ALIS website, Career Information Hotline and Alberta Works Centres.

The overall objectives of Career and Employment Services are to help Albertans:

  • connect learning and work
  • manage their careers and manage effective transitions throughout life,
  • identify their strengths and abilities, and
  • address barriers to employment.

Career and Employment Services Delivery Model

Career and Employment Services are delivered by Government of Alberta Service Consultants and/or service providers.  Under tuition or contracted delivery, service providers may collaboratively provide services and programs based on community needs.

The model has three essential components.

  • Information Services: include the provision of labour market, occupational, training and educational information. These services are accessed through visiting Alberta Works Centres  calling the Career Information Hotline, accessing the Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) website and/or attending Delivery Events.  Service providers may also provide some information services as per their Government of Alberta agreement.


  • Needs Determination Services: assist Albertans by providing advice, guidance and access to services that help individuals make successful labour market transitions such as: Service Needs Determination Assessments, Workshops, Exposure Courses, Career Advising, Job Placement, Part-time student funding, student funding assistance, financial and non-financial supports, and Service Management. Needs Determination Services are available at Alberta Works Centres and other service providers as per their Government of Alberta agreement.


  • Employability Services: include Employability Assessments and additional activities; Career Counselling and Service Management. Employability Services are available at Alberta Works Centres and at service/training provider sites as per Government of Alberta agreements.

Career and Employment Services Delivery Model