Expected to Work/Barriers to Full Employment Policy & Procedures

Published Date: July 29, 2016
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13 Federal Child Benefit (National Child Benefit Supplement - NCBS)

Retroactive Federal Child Benefit (NCBS) Received

Once the client receives their retroactive Federal Child Benefit (NCBS) payment or the Income Support file closes, the worker determines the amount of the repayment.

The repayment amount is the lesser of the Federal Child Benefit (NCBS) retroactive payment received from CRA or the total Temporary Child Supplement Allowance (NCBS Temporary Replacement Benefit) issued.

Once the amount of the repayment is determined, the worker:
  1. Edits the temporary save and changes the status to a permanent save in the Recoveries System.
  2. Informs the client to make a full payment to the Minister of Finance, or deducts the repayment amount from the next month’s budget.