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Published Date: April 11, 2018
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Obligations & Expectations

Training and Service Providers

Attendance Policy Requirements

EI & Non-EI Full-Time Learners: Section 45 (Labour) 
EI & Non-EI Full-Time Learners: Section 45 (Advanced Education)
Requirements for Training Provider's Attendance Policies  
Training Provider Regulation, Section 4 (1)(b)  
Training Provider Regulation, Section 5(g)  
Training Provider Regulation, Section 5(i)(ii)


All learners are expected to attend training regularly. Training providers are expected to have an attendance policy that meets the minimum policy requirements of the Government of Alberta (GOA).


Training providers who accept learners into their training programs must have an attendance policy that outlines the following:

  • The type(s) of absences that will be considered excused (e.g. medical appointments) and considered unexcused (e.g. missed training to work)
  • The type(s) of absences where the learner is required to provide substantiating documentation
  • What constitutes acceptable substantiating documentation
  • The maximum number of unexcused absences a learner can accumulate during a training period before they are withdrawn from training.
  • That no learner may be absent, with excused and/or unexcused absences, for more than 3 consecutive weeks during a training period, unless approved by the Director.

Training providers must advise learners of their attendance policy before accepting them into training.

Training providers must make available a copy of their attendance and recording and reporting processes to the GOA when requested for monitoring and audit purposes.


A training provider’s method of documenting absences must clearly indicate if a learner continues to remain eligible for Income Support and training benefits. Recording systems must ensure security of this information.

In cases of declining learner attendance, the training provider must notify the learner that there is a risk of funding termination.

A learner cannot be absent from training for more than 3 consecutive weeks. In extenuating circumstances, learners who are absent from a training period for more than three consecutive weeks can only continue in their Service Plan if approved by the appropriate regional Learner Specialist.

When a learner no longer meets the training provider's attendance policy, the learner must be withdrawn from training according to the process outlined in the Never Attended and Withdrawals policy.

Training providers and/or Authorized Officials must immediately notify LISO through email of withdrawals, no shows, cancellations and early completions.