Published Date: October 18, 2017
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Performance Measures


Income and Employment Supports Act, Section 26(b)
Training Provider Regulation, Section 4
Training Provider Regulation, Section 5


Employment & Training programs support individuals taking full-time and part-time training to enable them to pursue further job-related training, and/or find a job and substantially improve their employment situation.

The Government of Alberta monitors the delivery of Employment & Training programs and services to ensure appropriate alignment between planned and actual delivery of Employment & Training programs and services and achievement of expected performance standards. Performance information is used in skills investment planning and resource allocation.

The Government of Alberta conducts periodic or ad hoc evaluations of Employment and Training programs.


Primary Measures of Success

Employment and/or Further Training are the primary measures of  success of Approved Employment & Training programs and services.


Employment means the number and percentage of individuals who are accepted into and start approved Employment & Training programs and services who, 90 days after completion date of service:

  • have continuous full-time employment consisting of an average of at least 30 hours per week, including self-employment, or in the case of Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) individuals, 15 to 29 hours per week or
  • have continuous part-time employment of 20-29 hours per week, and
  • are receiving at least the minimum wage as defined in the Alberta Employment Standards Code.

Further Training

Further training means the number and percentage of individuals who, three months (90 days) after the completion date of the programs they started, are attending an academic program or skills training program as a direct result of the prerequisites obtained through an Approved Training Program.

The overall provincial standard for individuals who are accepted into and start Employment & Training programs is that 70% of individuals will be employed or will have advanced to further training consistent with their Service Plans three months (90 days) after the completion date of the programs they start.

The provincial standard for specific programs may vary. Please refer to  Career & Employment Information Services and Employment & Training Programs and Services for more details.

Due to the diversity of programs and services offered throughout Alberta,  Employment and Training Contract Services Coordinators have the discretion to include additional outcome measurements in their contracts in addition to those prescribed in policy.

Secondary Measures of Success

Participation, Completion, and Satisfaction are secondary measures of success of Approved Employment &Training Programs and services .

Participation means the number of individuals accepted into and started in an approved Training Program.

Completion means the number and percentage of individuals who successfully complete the approved Training programs they start (i.e., meet the criteria required to pass the approved programs in which they were enrolled).

Satisfaction means the number and percentage of individuals satisfied with the training and/or employment service they received. The overall provincial standard is that 85% of individuals will be satisfied with their training or service.


Three-month employment and further training outcomes are measured using the Training Program Results reports from Mobius. Mobius is the  tracking system that records assessments, training and employment service participation and outcomes. It provides the information framework to support an individual through a continuum of services and is the major source of data for the primary measures of success.

Secondary Measures of Success

The Government of Alberta will use reports from the Work Outcome Reporting Project (WORP) or other government sources (research, evaluation, audits and monitoring) to assess the performance of programs for which individuals have received Skills Investment funding.

WORP is a group of surveys that collect follow-up outcome data on the employment and training status of former participants of identified funded programs and services. Participants are contacted at 90 days and one year intervals. The surveys are conducted by a third party firm who reports the results to the Government of Alberta.  As a research and/or post-monitoring tool, four basic types of information are collected: Confirmation of Participation, Current Employment Status, Satisfaction with Services Received, and Demographics.