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Business Processes

Published Date: June 02, 2016
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Eligibility Determination and Benefits Calculation

Additional Time to Complete a Program/Session

E18. Additional Time to Complete a Program/Session

Occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances, a learner may not be able to complete a program session by the scheduled end date. As a one-time occurrence, it may be possible for the learner to have some additional time immediately following the session end date to complete the session.


The following describes the process for learners requesting additional time to complete a training program session.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the learner is not able to complete the program session by the end date. The additional time for the learner to complete the program session will extend into the month following the original program session end date.

Learner submits a Change in Circumstance form along with a revised Training Provider Information form to the Learner Income Support Office (LISO).


  • Add Plan Item “Approve Lack of Progress” and enters Outcome “Attained”.
  • At the Service Plan Home Page, in Notes, enter the rationale for recommending this learner for additional time to complete the program session. 
  • For an Employment Insurance (EI) learner with an active claim, enter a new EI verification screen for the period of the extension. In the Training Program Information cluster enter the new dates in addition to the copied fields and enter a comment on the screen to indicate this has been done to accommodate an extension.
  • Complete Requesting New or Amendment to Product Provider (RNAPP) form and submit to Mobius Support. The RNAPP will indicate session start and end date and number of seats required. In most cases only one seat will be required. The session dates are the start date of the additional time and the end date of the additional time. There are no costs associated with the session. The ‘Program Service Name’ includes “Additional Time” in it so that it can be easily found in the catalogue.

Mobius Support

  • Enter new program header with new session and activates.
  • Notify LISO the information needed for additional time is now available in the Mobius Programs and Services catalogue.


  • Add new “Attend” Plan Item and make a Provider Referral. The Plan Item start date is the date the additional time starts; the Plan Item end date is the date the additional time ends.
  • Enter appropriate Evidence.
  • Ensure that the (eligible) learner receives additional Learner Income Support to correspond with the additional time end date.
  • Issue a new Funding Decision letter to the learner.

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards

If the learner completes the program on or before the additional time end date, the outcome for both plan items will be “attained”. If the learner does not complete the program on or before the additional time end date, the outcome for both plan items will be “Not Attained”.