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Business Processes

Published Date: April 02, 2013
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Programs and Services

Programs and Services Catalogue

P17. Create and Activate a Program/Course/Service/Session (includes linking associated plan item to a program/course/service)


This process outlines how to create and activate a Program/Course/Service/Session and link the associated Plan Item(s).

Linking a Plan Item to a Product Provider at the time of registration is done through the Administration Home Page by Mobius Support.


Provider is registered in Mobius, Program/Course/Service has been approved and Plan Item(s) exist. The plan item(s) have been linked to the provider at the registration level. Allocation has been created.

Employment Services Delivery sends an electronic ‘Request New or Amendment to Product Provider, Programs and Services Catalogue’ (RNAPP) form to Mobius Support outlining the Provider information or Delivery Partnership Unit (DPU) supplies information to Mobius Support as required.

Mobius Support Staff

If form is incomplete or the Program/Course/Service already exists, or Plan Items do not exist, refers back to originator.

If information is complete and Program/Course/Service does not exist, and Plan Items exist, creates the Program/Course/Service details including Related Plan Item and activates.

If appropriate, create and activates session(s).

Notifies originator of completion via email.

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards

Program codes are assigned by policy (e.g. Employment and Training Services). In collaboration, appropriate IMAGIS codes are mapped to the program codes. If new training program code is developed, refer to business process F27. Although it is possible to create courses, in the interest of consistency, is best practice at this time to create only programs.

When creating the program/course header, the allocation envelope field must be completed even though it is not considered a mandatory field in Mobius.

Program Approvals

Community and Social Services – Delivery Partnerships Unit

  • Work Foundations
  • Integrated Training
  • Outreach

Community and Social Services – Employment and Financial Supports Division

  • Contracted Training Programs

Alberta Advanced Education

  • Occupational Training
  • Apprenticeship

Occupational Training programs of less than 12 weeks and Pre-employment programs are not part of the Provider and Program Registry System (PAPRS) information. If changes or additions need to be made to programs of this type DPU can be contacted.

PAPRS data is downloaded nightly into Mobius, so basic information will be populated automatically. An exception report will be provided on a daily basis to Community and Social Services for review and follow-up action.

Information recorded in the Sessions screen only includes Provider Location, Number of Seats and Start/End dates. All other information is recorded in the Program/Course screen. Therefore, when adding a Session the fees need to match or be less than the information in the Program/Course screen. Fees can differ from Session to Session, and in these cases, a new Program/Course will have to be created.

Services will not have sessions.