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Business Processes

Published Date: April 02, 2013
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Programs and Services

Training Provider Allocations

P15. Modify Provider Envelope - Non-AFA - Move Funds From One Envelope to Another


This process details how to modify a Non–AFA Provider Envelope Allocation when funds are being moved from one envelope to another.


A Provider Envelope Allocation has been created.

Employment Services Delivery/External Providers–Authorizing Official wants to move funds from one envelope to another.

Employment and Financial Supports Division/External Provider

Contract Services Coordinator or designate to move funds.

Employment and Financial Supports Division – Contract Services Coordinator

Notifies HQ Finance via an electronic ‘Request New or Amendment to Product Provider, Programs and Services Catalogue’ (RNAPP) form to modify provider allocations.

HQ Finance (HS) – Budget and Forecasts

Modifies provider funding envelope allocations.

Notifies originator of completion via email.

Employment and Financial Supports Division – Contract Services Coordinator

Notifies Authorizing Official of completion.

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards

Ensure that learners are not negatively impacted when attempting to reduce an allocation.

Refer to How Funds Are Allocated policy for more information.