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Income and Employment Supports Act

Published Date: July 10, 2007
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Part 5 Child and Adult Support Services (Sections 28-33)

Section 33 Regulations

  1. The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations

    1. respecting the awarding of costs against the Crown in a proceeding under this Part;

    2. specifying enactments for the purposes of section 28(a)(iii);

    3. respecting circumstances under which a person may exercise his or her rights under section 29(6)(a);

    4. respecting the eligibility of a person for the purpose of section 30(1) and the circumstances under which the Director can act under section 30(1);

    5. respecting steps that may be taken for the purposes of sections 29(3)(i) and 30(1)(e).

  2. The ministries may make regulations prescribing the form and contents of a support agreement for the purpose of sections 29(2)(a) and (3)(a) and 30(1)(a).