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Income and Employment Supports Act

Published Date: January 01, 2004
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Part 5 Child and Adult Support Services (Sections 28-33)

Section 30 Support services at request of applicant

  1. Where a person is not receiving assistance but meets the eligibility requirements provided for in the regulations, the Director may, subject to the regulations,

    1. assist the person in entering into a support agreement in the prescribed form with the person who is obligated to pay support and arrears, if any,

    2. assist the person in obtaining a consent order for support and arrears, if any,

    3. bring an application for a determination of parentage in the Director’s name or in the name of the person,

    4. bring an application for support to which the person is entitled in the Director’s name or in the name of the person, and

    5. take any steps necessary to commence an application for parentage or support.

  2. If legal counsel for the Government is acting under subsection (1) on behalf of a person, the legal counsel is counsel solely for the Government and there is no solicitor-client relationship between that counsel and that person.