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Published Date: June 09, 2021
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Career & Employment Information Services

Career and Employment Information Services Grant Policy

Government Organization Act
Human Services Grant Regulation AR 25/2016


To provide a framework allowing Career and Employment Information Services (CEIS) Initiatives to be developed via a grant funding approach within the Community and Social Services (CSS) regions in Alberta. 

The new CEIS Initiatives must:

  • inform Albertans of career and employment information and assist them to obtain and maintain employment; and
  • supplement and not replace CSS directly delivered and indirectly delivered (contracted) CEIS services.


The priority of a CEIS Initiative is to assist Albertans with Career and Employment information that assists in obtaining and/or maintaining employment.

A CEIS Initiative may be eligible for regional approval and funding based on the following principles:

  • Consistency;
  • Transparency;
  • Cost effectiveness;
  • Measurable outcomes; and
  • Cost sharing outside of CSS where applicable.

The objectives of the CEIS Grant Policy are to:

  • provide direction and guidance for the establishment of a granting process that will assist CSS Regional Delivery staff to initiate career and employment information initiatives to assist Albertans gain and maintain employment; 
  • provide a framework for consistency in this process; and
  • provide clarity and common understanding of terminology.


Regional initiatives will be designed for Albertans who require CEIS, and will be delivered through various methods.

Initiatives may include but are not limited to:

  • Employment-related events such as job/career fairs, employer connections, conferences, speaking events, etc.
  • Federal government or other Government of Alberta (GoA) ministries, Indigenous organizations, Metis Settlements, prospective employers and/or community organizations.
  • Opportunities for CSS to allow for a wider range of services for not-for-profit organizations to better assist a targeted population or labour market need.

Stakeholders may include, but are not limited to:

  • Applicants for grants; 
  • CSS staff, including Supervisor, Manager, Director as required
  • Assistant Deputy Minister, Deputy Minister and Minister of CSS at the discretion of the Regional Delivery Director;
  • Other funding partners including the Government of Canada, Charitable Foundations, Indigenous organizations and other GoA ministries, departments etc.

Eligibility of Grant Applicants

In addition to eligibility criteria outlined in the CSS Contract and Grant Policy Manual, to be eligible for a CEIS Grant, the applicant must: 

  • be a proper legal entity either incorporated or registered extra-provincially in the province of Alberta.  Examples include but are not limited to a not-for-profit incorporation, an incorporated society or municipality.

In addition, the initiative must:

  • assist Albertans in need of Career and Employment Information Services in order to obtain and maintain employment.
  • clearly align with the Ministry Business Plan and strategic and operational objectives.
  • have clear, concise measureable outcomes.

Initiatives will not be approved where the previous reporting requirements have not been met.

Initiatives must not be used to:

  • Acquire goods or services for the ministry.
  • Avoid open competition thresholds established by trade agreements.

CEIS Initiatives must not constitute a conflict of interest for the Minister or GoA staff.

Responsibility of CEIS Grant Recipients

The applicant must:

  • Submit a written proposal to the CSS regional staff.
    Proposal format information is outlined in the CEIS Grant Proposal Content Requirements document.
  • Have a completed and authorized CEIS Grant Template.   
  • Provide requested information as outlined in the Contracts and Grants Policy Manual.
  • Provide all initiative and financial reporting as required in the CEIS Grant Template.


  • CEIS Initiatives are generally short-term and finite (normally less than one year in length).
  • Longer-term CEIS Initiatives may be undertaken to support Indigenous communities, Metis Settlements and small urban centres where service provider options are limited.
  • Duration of co-funded initiatives may exceed one year where it is necessary to match the project-specific commitment of other funding partners.
  • Duration will be outlined in each specific grant.

Funding Parameters

  • Funding parameters will be outlined in each specific CEIS Grant Agreement. 
  • The approval process is established and documented in the Contracts and Grants Policy Manual.
  • Grant funds must be used only for the purposes approved by the ministry.  Grant funds not used for the purposes for which they were given must be returned to the ministry.
  • The decision to reject or reduce in value a CEIS Grant Agreement is not appealable.

Financial Disbursement

  • Grants will most commonly be offered via sole-source method, although other options (such as Request for Proposals or Expression of Interest) will also be considered. 
    CSS regional staff will have the authority to act at the discretion and administration of the Minister in accordance with the Grants Regulation.
  • Upon obtaining all required signatures on relevant documents, CSS will release the funds as outlined in the CEIS Grant Agreement.

Monitoring of Grant Recipients/Program and Initiative Performance

Regional Managers designate GoA staff to be responsible for monitoring grants and other duties as required.