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Published Date: February 07, 2022
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Career & Employment Information Services

Employment Services Connection

Government Organization Act
Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA)
Workforce Development Agreement (WDA)
*Note: Labour Market Transfer Agreements (LMTAs) refers to the LMDA and WDA



To provide direction and considerations for designated Authorized Officials assessing organization’s and/or employer’s eligibility for Employment Services Connection (ESC) initiatives.


The goal of ESC initiatives is to provide eligible organizations and/or employers funding for Albertans to participate in employment-related delivery events and employment services in order to obtain and/or maintain employment.

ESC is an element under Career Employment and Information Services (CEIS). The objectives of ESC initiatives are:

  • To assist Albertans to access labour market information;
  • To provide Albertans access to employment supports to assist them in obtaining and/or maintaining employment;
  • To assist Albertans to connect with employers needing to fill jobs;
  • To support Indigenous communities in providing career and employment services and supports needed to meet local labour market needs;
  • To provide a wide range of services for organizations to better assist a targeted population or labour market need; and
  • To support the development of partnerships between the Government of Alberta and communities/industry sectors relating to labour market development.


Eligibility Requirements for ESC Applicants

The applicant must be a legal entity either incorporated or registered within a province or territory in Canada and are providing services to Albertans.

Eligible Applicants may include:

  • Industry associations or employer organizations
  • Private sector organizations
  • Not-for-profit organizations or social agencies
  • Indigenous organizations, Metis Settlements, Band Councils, prospective employers, and/or community organizations
  • Healthcare providers
  • Education Institutions
  • Municipalities


Eligible ESC Initiatives

ESC initiatives may address one or more of the following:

  • an identified labour market need;
  • lack of capacity of industries/communities to deal with human resource requirements and/or address labour market adjustment needs;
  • development and/or dissemination of industry or community-based labour market products to address an identified need; and
  • promotion of new programs or services to address a labour market need within an industry sector or community.


ESC initiatives may fall under either of two streams:

 1. Delivery Events

Delivery events may include:

  • Career fairs
  • Career and employment conferences
  • Career and employment speaking events
  • Industry or community consultations
  • Career awareness campaigns
  • Career and employment events


2. Employment Services

Employment services may include:

  • Pre-employment services and supports:
    • Includes job preparation such as resume writing, job search and interview preparation
    • Workshops
    • Information sessions
    • Job readiness activities
    • Resource centre employment-related services
  • Pilot test and/or apply tools, techniques and processes that assist in addressing a labour market need.
  • Indigenous cultural components:
    • Unique Indigenous protocols and activities and completion/recognition events.
  • Job Maintenance Supports
    • Mentoring
    • Work maintenance may include addressing individual’s workplace behaviors and employment retention skills, establishing an employment mentor, or employer mediation. This is not an exhaustive list of possible work maintenance and support activities.


Ineligible ESC Initiatives

Examples of ineligible initiatives include projects that:

  • Create a long-term funding dependency.
  • Duplicate and/or replace programs or services already provided by the Government of Alberta.
  • Duplicate information/education products already available in the community.
  • Support an educational institution in determining its training needs and/or develop curriculum.
  • Assist business/industry in research related to new products or product development.
  • Provide living allowance costs, travel to and from work or any other form of permanent asset (i.e. land or buildings).


Funding Parameters

The Government of Alberta’s funding contribution can only be used to support direct project/initiative costs (e.g. instructor fees, project/event materials, equipment rental, etc.) and administrative operational costs.


  • ESC initiatives are generally short-term and intended to take place within 24 months of the start date indicated on the agreement.
  • In exceptional circumstances, the Authorized Official may approve the length of funded initiatives beyond the general guideline of 24 months.



The expected outcomes for ESC initiatives include:

  • An identified labour market need is met and/or addressed to enhance workforce development and labour market adjustments.
  • Workforce development and labour market adjustment strategies derived from the initiatives are implemented.
  • Stronger partnerships are developed between the Government of Alberta and communities/industry sectors relating to labour market planning and development.



Business Process

Refer to the R14. No/Light Touch (N/LT) Interventions - LMTA UPDATE Business Process


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