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Employment & Training Programs and Services

Published Date: June 09, 2021
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Career & Employment Information Services

Delivery Events


Based on community needs, the Government of Alberta and/or  service providers as per their agreement with the Government of Alberta, partner with local and regional agencies, organizations, school jurisdictions, and business and industry to hold events. Delivery Events provide the opportunity for all Albertans to have access to current, accurate and relevant education, career, workplace and labour market information required to make informed career, workplace and labour market decisions. The Government of Alberta may also solely host a Delivery Event. Delivery Events may include visits to employers.


The Government of Alberta considers the career and employment information services provided to Albertans as important and valuable. In-person services are one method of providing these services in a multi-channel approach (click, call, in-person).  The recording of in-person services enables the department to report through all three channels  and provides the complete picture of activity. Service counts provide accountability and demonstrate service provision by reporting numbers served.

The Government of Alberta may provide presentations in classrooms and parent groups, displays at career/trade fairs and conferences on post secondary student funding options. Recording and reporting on these activities is required.

Career Information

Career Information is how the Government of Alberta provides career/employment/labour market information services to Albertans. Career Information includes the following programs and services: 

Delivery Events provide information on government services and programs, career planning, work search and the labour market.

Delivery Events are comprised of:

  • Community Presentations 
  • Fairs 
  • Workforce Adjustment Activities 
  • Employer Connections 
  • Employer Visits.

Community Presentations

Community Presentations are made to local, regional and provincial organizations, educational institutions, employers, industry and associations. Presentations may target specific groups, students, teachers, career practitioners, parents, job seekers, employees and employers. Community Presentations may include, but are not limited to: open houses, annual general meetings, community agency events, conferences, consultations and symposiums.


Fairs are usually exhibits in a trade show format that include feature areas, along with seminars, that are designed to help attendees develop or change their career paths or assist others to do so. Fairs showcase a variety of career and employment options, employer options, industry information, post-secondary choices and labour market information. They facilitate:

  • raising awareness,
  • networking with potential employers and employees, institutions and organizations, 
  • researching areas of interest.

Fairs may provide:

  1. Exhibits from universities, colleges, private training institutions, continuing education, government, corporations and associations in Alberta, Canada and internationally.
  2. Seminars of various lengths addressing topic areas such as, but not limited to: grant funding, work search, occupational and labour market information and other government services and programs.
  3. Various locations, both urban and rural, across the province. 
  4. Various hours and duration, from one to several hours or longer, during the day, evening and weekend. 
  5. Access to all Albertans or target specific groups, e.g. youth, aboriginal people, people with disabilities, women, immigrants, employers and others. 
  6. Free admission or not (depending upon the government partnership with community partners).

Fairs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Canada Career Week Activities 
  • Career/Job Fairs 
  • Skills Competitions 
  • Conference/Symposia 
  • Career Days

Information and dates of Alberta Job and Career Fairs are listed on the Government of Alberta website.

Workforce Adjustment Activities

Workforce Adjustment Activities are offered to companies planning closures or layoffs. Using a collaborative approach, these activities may include working with employers and employees to develop presentations, workshops, referrals and other need-based responses.

Employer Connections

Addressing Alberta’s labour force challenges requires a strong collaboration among a number of stakeholders. The quantity and quality of talent in the Alberta workforce has an impact on all businesses and institutions. Employers are a key stakeholder group. Through partnerships and various collaborative activities with employers, the Government of Alberta, and/or service providers as per their Government of Alberta agreement develop and implement appropriate labour force attraction, development and retention strategies.

Employer Connections are opportunities for employers to directly access Albertans looking for work in order to market their firm’s vacancies in an Alberta Works Centre.

Employer Visits

Employer Visits are individual visits with specific employers and industry representatives who are not registered with the Government of Alberta to discuss:

  • Government of Alberta Programs and Services and/or 
  • Employer and/or industry labour market needs.


  • Delivery Events are recorded in Mobius and updated monthly. 
  • Information to be entered into Mobius is:
    • Type of event 
    • Topic 
    • Audience
    • Number of Attendees