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AISH Program Policy

Published Date: January 02, 2020
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AISH Clients Accessing Full-Time Learner Training

Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped Act, section 3.2
Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped General Regulation, sections 2.01(1)(e) and 4(2)(b)


AISH clients are encouraged to explore and pursue their employment potential within the limitations of their impairment.


AISH clients and their cohabitating partners can access employment, training and career services at Alberta Works Centres. Learner Income Support is available to support individuals pursuing full-time training in an approved program.

Alberta Works full-time Learners (clients/cohabiting partners) cannot receive a living allowance from both AISH and Learners and therefore must choose one program from which to receive their living allowance.

If a client receives their living allowance through AISH, Learners training benefits (tuition, books, supplies and/or student association/mandatory fees) can be issued by Income Support. AISH considers these benefits an education or training grant and they are fully exempt as income for both clients and their cohabitating partner.

AISH clients are encouraged to speak to a worker prior to applying for Learner Income Support.