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Published Date: April 02, 2013
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Training Provider Allocations

P11. Training Provider Allocations

A training provider allocation is the maximum amount of tuition and prescribed fees (mandatory and Student Association) a training provider is approved to receive from Human Services in a fiscal year, both AFA and non-AFA providers.

The process of allocating funds begins at the provincial level (Provincial Program Allocation). The ADM (or designate) splits the Provincial Program Allocation into Regional Allocations and Regional Funding Envelopes (Work Foundations and Training for Work). The Provincial, Regional and Regional Funding Envelope Allocations will be done manually. Regions then determine the amount that will be allocated to each provider at the program envelope level and will monitor these allocations.  The program allocation envelopes in Mobius include:

  1. Work Foundations – ESL
  2. Work Foundations – Academic Upgrading
  3. Training for Work
  4. Training for Work – Transitional Vocational Programs
  5. Part-Time
  6. Non-AFA (not an official envelope. It was created to assist regions in managing their budgets).

Allocations dollars are attached to the program envelopes outlined above. When a training program referral is made, Mobius checks to ensure there are allocation dollars and seats available. If either one is insufficient, the referral will not be committed. Therefore, session seat numbers also have to be entered into Mobius, and these numbers can be used to restrict referrals at the program level.

Learner application forms may include dates in a future fiscal period where the budget has not yet been finalized. In these cases, allocations will be estimated and entered into Mobius to ensure the eligibility determination and benefits calculation can occur.

Once the budget is passed, the allocations amounts can be modified and activated by Finance.

There are no allocations for Contracted Training or Apprenticeship Training. There are no seats for Apprenticeship Training and therefore the Waitlist Workflow doesn’t apply.