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Business Processes

Published Date: June 02, 2016
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Programs and Services

Training Provider Allocations

P12. Create, Add, and Activate Envelope Allocation

Human Services will monitor allocation during the fiscal year to ensure they are being used effectively and money does not run out.


This process describes how to create, add and activate an Envelope Allocation.


Budget amounts (either estimated or approved) have been determined for the Provincial and Regional Funding Envelopes.

‘Request New or Amendment to Product Provider, Programs and Services Catalogue’ (RNAPP) form with allocation information received by Mobius Support from an Authorized Official.

Mobius Support

If information is missing, refers back to originator.

If part of a new registration, registers Product Provider.

Notifies HQ Finance via an electronic RNAPP form to enter allocations.

HQ Finance (HS) – Budget and Forecasts

Creates/adds and activates allocations for provider program envelopes.

Notifies originator of completion via email.

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards

Envelope allocations are determined according to budget and regional priorities.

Designated staff have access to ‘View’ allocation screens in Mobius.

If a program covers more than one fiscal year, and any tuition payments are due in the future fiscal year, then the program must be registered with an allocation for the next fiscal year.

Starts January 1, ends August 31st, second tuition payment due May, the next fiscal year, so there must be an allocation entered and activated even though it’s an estimate. If there is no allocation entered for the next fiscal year, the system will provide waitlist option.

Allocations can be amended at any time.