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Business Processes

Published Date: April 02, 2013
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Eligibility Determination and Benefits Calculation


E21. Creating a Microsoft Word Blank Template Correspondence

There are numerous situations where communication with the learner or provider is required but none of the existing correspondence is appropriate. Therefore, Human Services staff can use an Microsoft Word Blank Template to address these situations. Some preliminary templates have been prepared to address certain circumstances that have already been identified in these business processes. These templates are stored in a shared drive that is accessible to authorized users (the users who share the drive may vary depending on whether the Blank Template is for Learners or Training Providers). Users can copy text from these templates and paste them into the Blank Template they create in Mobius. The content can be revised as required. All Microsoft Word Correspondence can be saved as a draft. Users should not edit/send another user’s draft. Once a draft letter is finalized, it can be sent. The user prints the letter locally and mails it to the learner.


  • Microsoft Word Blank Templates are not meant to replace any other existing correspondence and should be used for situations pertaining to learner funding only.
  • Microsoft Word Blank Templates are to be used by Human Services staff only. External Providers must not create Microsoft Word Template correspondence.


The following outlines the process for creating Microsoft Word Blank Template Correspondence.


Learner or Training Provider is registered in the system.

It has been determined that an Microsoft Word Blank Template letter needs to be created.

Human Services staff

Creates appropriate Microsoft Word Template in Mobius.

Copies appropriate text from templates in shared file.

Pastes text in Mobius Blank Template.

When letter is finalized prints to local printer and mails to Learner/Training Provider.

Business Rules/Criteria/Standards

When a user creates a Blank Template (learner) it will pre-populate the learner’s information (e.g. name, address, id number). The addressee information can be modified if another contact name or address is required. Signage will pre-populate with the originator’s information (name, title, etc.).

When a user creates a Blank Template for Training Providers, it will pre-populate with the addressee’s information (e.g. contact name, provider name, address, id number, etc.). Mobius will default to the primary address which is the Office of the Registrar. The user has the option of modifying the addressee’s information if another contact name or address is required.

Users can save letters as a draft.

Users should not edit/send another user’s Microsoft Word correspondence that is in draft.

Microsoft Word Templates are printed locally, so the user who generates the letter will mail it.