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Income and Employment Supports Act

Published Date: July 10, 2007
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Part 2 Income Support and Health and Training Benefits (Sections 5-18)

Division 6 General Provisions (Sections 13-18)

Section 16 Agreement to reimburse and assignment

  1. Any person who is receiving or has received assistance under Part 2 may voluntarily repay or agree to repay any assistance provided.

  2. The Director may, as a condition of eligibility for assistance under Part 2, require an applicant, a recipient or a member of a household unit to reimburse the Government in prescribed circumstances for the assistance provided.

  3. An agreement under subsection (1) or a requirement under subsection (2) may include an assignment, as prescribed.

  4. An amount agreed to be repaid under subsection (1) or required to be repaid under subsection (2) is a debt due to the Government.